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Almanac + Inside Track Betting

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This is an idea transferred from the German board:

Jack suggested that you can pickup the almanac in 2015 to go back in time and do bets in the Inside Track Betting office in Montgomery. We could either read out the winner before betting and print that out or force the chosen horse to win.

some coding-technical info I figured so far:

From what I've read so far in the relevant thread, at first the horses that take part are randomly chosen and then the screen is shown. After choosing the horse, everyone is moved forward(/backward) a random piece, after some time/a certain distance the whole thing ends and the winning horse is chosen.

If my assumption is correct, it might be too hard to influence who wins. So we maybe could try aborting the game's original OTB thread once it is loaded by checking either of these:

  • Save an fxt string into a variable, try the same with a string that should be available if the thread is started; Finally compare these
  • if $VIDEO_GAME is 4 set it back to -1

=> end_thread_named 'OTB'

and start our own CLEO thread for this.

Now that's all I have in my head so far for this idea. How do you like that?

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Sounds cool. I should've thought there's more to that almanac than creating an alternate corrupt timeline. If Biff became rich with it, why not Marty?

There should be other uses for that Almanac, too, like traveling back in time and preventing the supposed winners from winning, just for lols to p**s off Biff. :lol:

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