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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before, but There's a mod that unifies all the cities from the 'GTA trilogy' onto one map, called 'State of Liberty' I believe. Would it be possible to make the DeLorean and/or train compatible with that mod as well? It would be pretty heavy to be able to zip around Liberty City, then hit up Las Venturas, then cruise down Ocean Beach in style! Especially if they incorporate(d) the 'stories' versions of the cities as well
  2. Greetings fellow Time Travelers! Just popping in to say I'm glad to see this mod is still in the works and making some great progress since I last checked a few years ago! I remember when it first started in the early 2000s with the time traveling Delorean eventually train being added to Vice City, and fun to see it evolve from there. It was so much fun running down peds and then hitting 88 before Tommy could get busted by the cops. Downloaded the most resent release, looking forward to trying it out! Wish I could contribute to the mod in some way, but alas, all I can offer is a very hearty, and enthusiast "Great work! Keep it up!" When the mod is eventually completed, Tommy should be a bonus playable character for old time sake