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  1. In a Back to the Future: Liberty City, There are executable [BTTF-LC.exe] instead gta3.exe In BTTF HV then use gta-vc.exe if a Upcoming to the new executable to next version [BTTF-HV.exe] Not gta-vc.exe there
  2. Use Sanny Builder to Coding mission and coding cars PLEASE NOTE: Sanny Builder use the CLEO VC v.
  3. Okey I'am new member for the BTTF-HV Look but i start the mission for Doc and complete the mission to the Vice City but i have the Sanny Builder 3 v.3.2.2 and i don't know to coding of mission for Doc i have CLEO but can't put intro the game because game will crash because using VC Limit Adjuster