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  1. So exiting a car ~30 seconds after travelling is stupid? How so? And as already stated, I figured out how to open the train. (Edit) I hope one day I can fully explain how the crash occurs because I know you have busy lives and don't need to actor to my needless whining(end edit)
  2. So based on the fact the controls for opening the train were listed on the site and not the readme has left me not trusting any written list of controls for this. Would be great if what was said actually worked, but now I'm left with a broken mod with poor controls that likes to crash a lot. I remember this used to be so much better a few years ago...
  3. 1) Frequent random crashes shortly after time travel. Seems to happen if I try to exit the car before the white light (whatever that is) shows up 2) Can't get in the train on the roof. Tried RShift + C as the readme says, doesn't work. 3) Can't change time circuits. Stuck on whatever the default is, no amount of key combos is working. Tried Shift, Ctrl, RShift, Caps, every button on my numpad, all number keys, everything.