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  1. 1 - Never used saves from before 2f or vanilla vc, just trying to load saves from this new update. It just won't load them. 2- Didn't know it had been removed. No mention of this on the download page of Version 0.2f R1. 3 - Thanks! Thanks ~Leaf~
  2. Hello. First off, the 0.2f R1 update is terrific, thanks for making us dream again! Whilst playing, I have 3 issues. 1: The game won't load saved games (or save them properly). I go to "save game", everything works/looks fine, then i go to "load game" and it just won't load. Tried many times, tried many different places and different times, nothing. 2: The garage door that turns DeLoreans into time machines won't open for the DMC 13, regardless of the time I'm in. 3: What is the command/button to active the remote controller? To whomever might help me, thanks!