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  1. did a fresh install, and the +, - buttons don't do anything at all.
  2. I recently Downloaded the steam version of GTA vice city, I installed the Auto installer for Hillvalley 0.2f_R1. I replaced the exe of vice city with "gta-vc.eXe". V1.1 Game wouldn't run at first so I used 3D Analyzer V2.36, which ran the game no problem in window mode. I got in converted the delorean and tried to figure out the time circuits I am so use to the capslock + click method. And the numLK on my laptop qwerty keyboard was working none of the 100 combinations would work and even tried changing the Submission keys with no avail. Also ran the mod from the hillvalley folder in C:/programs also unable to initiate time circuits. Currently running on windows 8.1 pro x64. Every thing works smoothly no cars but. Everything works but the time circuits, kinda a bummer.