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  1. Hey you guys! i absolutely love the sound pack when i say that i like pretty much every version of it like from the first one all the way up to the latest one! i personally think its that good. anyway theres been something strange with the dropbox downloads even the videos, apparently the youtube videos are no longer available and the dropbox downloads (all of them) keep giving me error 403, it says im forbidin there and i dont belong there, heres what i got. i signed in and that stuff but from what i found it says something about it not made public. well i can kind of understand because you people might have decided to work on it or you might have lost it / deleted it. as i said im not 100% sure but i would like to download it as i am re making my little bttf mod based of the one delorean88mph posted i liked to include ur sfx and i have upgraded pc and lost all my good work, so could you please make all the downloads public again. and i mean like all of them because i take different sfx from different versions it would be really awesome for not just me but most bttf fans out there who wanna bring it back in SA. -thanks Error (403) It seems you don't belong here! You should probably sign in. Check out ourHelp Center and forums for help, or head back to home.