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    Won't Load

    People on here can be pretty nasty so if I'm posting this in the wrong place, I apologize ahead of time. I've installed at least 3 times, including the SFX fix, but when I try to load the game I get: "The procedure entry point _AIL_set_stream_volume@8 could not be located in the dynamic link library mss32.dll." Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Once again I know this isn't a support forum but since the real one doesn't seem to work, I'm posting it here. Has anyone else found that Hill Valley isn't detailed after its installed? I don't know if thats how its supposed to be but I've seen pictures in the image gallery of highly detailed buildings and what not. Thanks!
  3. How long did it take you? Mine was taking around 25 mins to download but still kept stopping.
  4. Well it says that because I reported it as broken. Again I am brand new to this site so I wasn't sure if I should've done that or not.
  5. I know this isn't a support section but the support section seems to be broken so I am posting this here. I tried downloading the above file from this site but each time I try to do it, it stops around 70% and says "the source fie can not be read". So my question is, does anyone have an alternate place to download it from? I appear to have the "common" problem of not having sound effects aside from the radio. I apologize in advance if this makes anyone mad. Thanks!