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  1. srry for the late update i had to go into hospital with my partner for the whole of yeasterday anyways here is the radio station Info (E.g Tracklisting, Radio Name) futher info not on the txt file its for 2000 to 2015 era but this is only version v1.0 so there are some changes to be made comercials and voice overs etc to be added and tracklisting to be modified Hill Valley Modern Metal Radio (HVMMR) V1.0
  2. well all iv got so far is a possible era and a possible track list still trying to find radio ads etc at the moment but can get something done and up tomorrow or day after if need be either as part of your official mod or unofficial add on
  3. Hi I am Spookdy I am new to this whole modding creating thing however atm i am working on a new radio station for hill valley. Anyway i am inquiring if there will there be different radio stations for the different eras of hill valley to coexist with the different times or just one selection for all ? Download V1.0 Download From Esnips