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  1. I think you can use the wanted level as an indicator of how much marty has tempered with time. Could be that if he "reaches all stars" he has erased himself from existence or provoked a paradoxon or sth. like that. And if you want to go on with the story, you have to eliminate everything wrong you have done (zero stars) to continue. I mean the basic system can be kept but adopted in some way that makes sense for the bttf-universe!
  2. okay.. so i should rather forget my intentions to make the AI drive realistically.... hm... maybe i'll go on to do some modelling... the 1985 McFly home is my personal interest... but thanks for the "help" anyway!!
  3. uhm.... well yess guess you're right and is there a way to edit the gta-vc.exe?
  4. inside which exe? the game exe? gta-vc.exe? So is that possible to change or edit?
  5. i thought of that too but when i followed those realistically acting drivers they stopped at red lights or when i blocked the road. Their speed was not higher than the one of the other drivers. i noticed that you can recognize realistically acting drivers by the braking lights (at traffic jams or junctions). but i do not get the point, what defines them or where this is coded. actually i found out that you can provoke real driving AI when you block the street with a car, get out and wait for some time. after a few seconds some drivers will get impatient and drive around the barrier. from that on this particular driver acts realistically. would be nice, if i can code that EVERY driver acts that way. any suggestions?
  6. I tried to learn some basic coding and modding and used the BTTF:HV mod. Managed to install different cars, changed starting time to noon etc.... I also installed the VC:traffic mod, which let me increase the vehicle and ped spawn range, so that cars wont disappear behind your back when you look around and do not POP-IN, when driving at high speed. Suddenly I recognized something weird. There are some AI drivers, which are turning around corners realistically (I mean the speed) and where it seems that the physics of the car are used. The front wheels are also turned when the AI is turning the steering wheel plus, when braking, the rear lights are flashing red. BUT there exist several (more frequent) drivers, which are turning around corners very unrealistically, the car just magically swips around, there is no physic-model used and the front wheels are fixed. They also do not really brake as there never flashes any rear light red. You can actually see that they are following a path. It differs from time to time but it is not depending on a specific vehicle. Once I met a taxi, which drove realistically, once a Rolls Royce, once a Chevrolet Blazer. Maybe it is coded to some kind of pedestrian? I would like to have all cars driving authentically around corners. Please, maybe someone can help me!
  7. it would be much more realistic, if you have to avoid very much any action, which affects history seriously... so there should be no weapons to use... on the other hand, which was my suggestion to make gameplay more entertaining, it would be interesting, to actually change history by INTERACTING and if some key missions have 2 or more different solutions the story can go on in (a) different way(s). but before that I think it would be nice when the map creation could be finished. i am really looking forward to explore hill valley
  8. but as the mod-team said, the final gameplay experience will be strictly movie-based and so you are NOT able to TT if you want but only when the story offers you the possibility. so lagging shouldn't be a problem, that will occur that often. maybe, they erase the "instant timetravel"-mode which would mean that the player won't recognize any pop-ups (of builings, trees, cars or people).
  9. and the method of replacement can provide no serious "lags" when travelling through time? or is there any type of loading-sequence? BTW... i am really looking forward for the next release(s) of BTTF:HV!!!!
  10. so... does that mean, that the aera-change won't work in vice-city? what about the clocktower, that changed? isn't it able with a whole city? btw... i found an interesting vehicle-handling-mod which makes the driving physics of the cars in VC much more realistic. would also fit in the BTTFmod... as well as some HD textures & particle-effects
  11. and the rest of the modding team? does only one member know the coding for SA? another thing i want to mention: could be possible in the map of SA, because it is rather huge. to manage the appearance of Hill Valley in its different aeras (1885 - 1955 - 1985 - 1985A - 2015) couldn't it be done the following way: create the basic layout of the city and then recreate each map/aera and have EVERY aera placed NEXT to the other on the complete map of SA. should look like this: ..................................................the complete game-world.............................................................. (y) /\ | | 0----> (x) | MAP OF HV 1885 | MAP OF HV 1955 | MAP OF HV 1985 | MAP OF HV 1985A | MAP OF HV 2015 | ..................................................the complete game-world.............................................................. if you timetravel, you actually change your position on the map: e.g.: if you are on the map of HV 1985 and travel to 1955 the jump changes your x-coordinate and you find yourself on the map of 1955 BUT it looks like if you have traveled through time. could that solve the problem by changing the whole city layout but be able to use INSTANT timetravelling? to apply the correct daytime, i think it is easy to change it concerning what you typed into the TC.
  12. so i guess it is more promising to continue with GTA-SA. personally i have no problem with that at all, especially because the SA-engine was in my opinion the most advanced gameplay engine GTA games ever had (especially when you look at GTA IV, where a lot of that was missing). we have a wider environment, already desert-like areas for the western setting, working trains, so many side-missions ....... what aspects of the mod, working in VC, are currently NOT working in SA?
  13. how? although i finished timeshift, i think i never was able to cause a "paradox"