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    Hello. Camhack 3.0 lag badly and VC crash after enable command on my pc. 2.8 version works better but VC crash when my car hit other or randomly after few minutes.
  2. Hello ! I do it, yes, but just from bridge to mall. Not into Hill Valley. I must adjust path because cars run over any sidewalk. If this is authorized, I can try to complete it and share it in an fanmade topic....
  3. Hello, I added follow line when player hit plutonium marker : 01EB: set_traffic_density_multiplier_to 0.0 In fact, mall is not a street. Vehicles musn't run over if don't park. In addition, mall is empty when Marty join Doc at 1:15PM. My path is used only to give a way to lybians vw. To add realism, we can add parked cars in the mall at day hours and delete this at night : //When game is loading 014B: $myCar = init_parked_car_generator #MODEL_NAME -1 -1 1 alarm 0 door_lock 0 0 10000 at X Y Z angle 0 014C: set_parked_car_generator $myCar cars_to_generate_to 101 //At night : Car.Destroy($myCar)
  4. Hello, Thank you for map, Orgcon. I'm going to put it in my Path Editor folder ! Yesterday, I added path from Bridge to HV, but VC crashed when starting. Maybe because too many paths has added to game. So, I deleted an other path to start game. It works : Vehicles appears on the bridge, on the way to HV, and in the mall. edfake, you have shortcuts to add new nodes...Lokk at help->shortcuts... However, cars models are strange...I have motorcycles, buggy cars less wheels...ice cream van. Someone can explain it ?
  5. Hello Hscitpe, I downloaded Path Editor at file planet after free subscription. Enjoy !
  6. Hello ! I tried a quick car path test near Downtown bridge. Without detailed documentation, I appear not easy to understand node and connections relation. After few minutes of mouse clicking, I managed to make a path and connect it to existing. But I don't see other path disappear or replace by mine... I'll try to connect bridge to Downtown Mall ... To be continued.
  7. Ok, Thanks Archer. This is already a great job
  8. Euh... 0.2e main.scm modified .I send you a PM for details
  9. Hello, Just a question. The street behind Hill Valley courthouse have an angle with less than 90°, no ? This picture of Draconic model feel like more movie-accurate than actual DownTown ... And pictore of first movie : Thanks for yours answers and for this great Bttf Mod !
  10. Hello !! Because I'm very looking forward to see lybian chase, I tested to put plutonium marker and lybian wv into Downtown mall. When I run over the marker, the wv appear...and it turn at the left and it drive to wall and try to go trought it. I think it's a car path problem and I would to know which tool to use to edit paths file. Could you help me to resolve this problem ? I hope my english is not too bad. Thanks !