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Alright, My name is David Michael Kennedy-Farner. Davner for short. I live in Fullerton, CA of the USA and hate the hot weather... I am 20 years old but not for much longer, I have a group of friends who all love the idea of Time/Interdimensional Travel. BTTF, Dr. Who, Sliders, These are our favorite things. I am the only one who is really into BTTF however. I have no life so when I get bored I watch the movies over and over and other than the fact that I can quote almost any line in the movies by heart, I really do not do much else... I have an interest in theatre as seen here...


And I wish I had a Delorean more than anything in the world, I have since I was a kid...


I also love the Zelda Franchise. There hasn't been a game yet I couldn't beat... I beat Phantom Hourglass so fast the Strategy Guide hadn't even been released yet...

But that's me... If you have any cool stories or anything you'd like to send me my email is Luikseer@gmail.com... Any spam though, I will block you forever...