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BTTF Hill Valley - Version 0.2e - Auto Installer

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-----=====Grand Theft Auto: Hill Valley 0.2e=====-----

Installation of 0.2e

-Run the setup program

-Follow instructions, make sure to install into your gtavc directory

-IMPORTANT!!!! When GTA3 mod installer comes up, select the 3rd option to install the mod, NOT CARS!!!


----All features and their key will also be displayed ingame.----

Time Travel:

-submission(capslock) + shoot(ctrl) turns on and off the time circuits

-shoot(ctrl) changes the value

-submission(capslock) moves the cursur to the next line

-drive/fly to 88 mph to time travel

-WARNING!!! Time travelling with a damaged time machine may produce unwanted effects. You can tell when it's damaged when you see smoke coming out.

-IMPORTANT: If you find yourself in the Nth Dimension (You'll know if you're there), Don't panic, and make your way safely to the nearest pay n spray

After Time Travel

-10 second lag before you can time travel again.

-BTTF1 delorean will randomly die after time travel

-hold acelerate to try to turn on the BTTF1 delorean

BTTF 1 Delorean w/hook

-to attach/detatch the hook from the Delorean, stand by the rear passenger side and press the action key

Flying (Time Machine only):

-hit turret left/right (num 4/5) to switch between driving/flying

-same controls as helicopter

-handbrake causes time machine to go forward

Jules Verne Time Train

-the train doesn't have it's door's open normally. So press both RSHIFT and C to open it.

Flying (2015 non-Time machines):

-to enter hover mode, turret left/right(num 4/5) or lean back/foward (num 6/9), otherwise known as the ascend and descend keys

-Accelerate, Decelerate, Turn Left, and Turn Right do the same thing

-turret left/right(num 4/5) makes the car ascend

-lean back/foward (num 6/9) makes the car descend

-Hitting both accelerate and decelerate will turn off flying mode and put you back into driving mode

Instant/Cutscene Time Travel Modes

-to change between instant and cutscene time travel modes press both horn and space at the same time

RC Mode

-action and sprint to activate

-camera button to change view

-don't kill yourself

Plutonium and Mr. Fusion

-You will be notified when you are out of plutonium/trash

-Go to the back of the car and press the action key to refill

-Trash is found everywhere, so it's unlimited

-Plutonium is found at the garbage place. Beware of Lybians trying to kill you for stealing their plutonium

DMC-13 Location Circuits

-to select a location to time travel to press shoot (ctrl) when the cursor is over the location circuits, the red dot on the screen represents your destination location,

use the arrow keys to move to a location of your choice and press submission (capslock) to confirm

Beeper (Time circuit setting reciever)

-to set your time circuits to the same destination time as an RC delorean, turn the time circuits on by pressing submission (capslock) + shoot (shoot),

and hold horn and submission (capslock)


-Press the turret left/right button to latch on to a vehicle (Doesn't work on long vehicles)

-Press lean up/down to break away

"The Ride" mission

-Biff has stolen the DMC-13 time machine and Doc need's Marty's help to get it back. Please note this mission is accessable from sunshine autos from the year 2005 onwards.

The Clocktower

-the clocktower has a working clock that will sound on the hour, quarter chimes will also sound every 15 minutes. The clock will function between September 5 1885 8:00PM

and November 12 1955 10:04PM when the clock will be struck by lightning. Note that you are able to catch a ride back to the future using the bolt of lightning that

strikes the clock tower, however you are required to have the part 1 delorean with hook selected, then, drive to the starting line and "when this alarm goes off you hit the gas".

Modding Team

-K.I.T.T. - Radio Stations, Leader

-Blue - Coder, and a little bit of everything else

-BackInTime - Mission Coder

-Nightshade - Mapping (inactive)

-K1902000 - Car Modeling

-Carlos85g - Time Machine Modeling

-Wes Janson - Audio Editing (inactive)

-Archer9234 - Audio Editing (inactive)

-Ace2029 - Mapping (inactive)

-Draconic - Mapping

-Dragon King - Texturer

-bttf29 - Character Modeler (inactive)

Forum Team

-Mike - Site Admin

-Pantherclaws - Admin

-timetrain - Moderator/Train expert

-Angeloelibz24 - Moderator

-Dan - Moderator



-Blue: Coding

-K.I.T.T.:radio stations

-Booshman: Loading Screens

-Daniel Low: Delorean Engine Sounds

-Back to the Future Trilogy: bttf sounds and source

-Wes Janson: Various Sound Effects

-Archer9234: Various Sound Effects

-Spooky: IMG Tool

-Steve M: Collision File Editor II

-Barton Waterduck: Vice City Mission Builder 1.5

-Nullpointer: sound tool

-Delfi: TXD Workshop

-BTTF.com for its help in making this mod a reality

-Microman for his help in font colouring



- Main.SCM encryption

- KITT has been Removed

- Fuel has been Removed

- Cars now in their proper time period (Including those that haven't been replaced)

- Multiple Time Machines

- - Only true for one specific trip for each Time machine

- - Time machines will dissapear if you go to the past before they reentered.

- - Time machines will appear if you go to the future after they reentered

- Instant Time Travel

- Time Travel Camera Tweaks

- Lengthened Cold Delorean to 1 minute 21 seconds

- Changed Dead BTTF1 Delorean to die at anytime under 1 minute 21 seconds upon reentry

- Changed Restarting BTTF1 Delorean to be random

- Changed 30 seconds recharge for time travel to 10 seconds

- Custom Location for Location Circuits in the 04

- Garage revised (ex: now can build BTTF3 Delorean in 1955 if you have a BTTF2 Delorean)

- New Revised Sounds (Plate, Time Circuits, Time Travel, etc)

- Backward 99 Fire Trails

- BTTF2 Lightning Strike

- - Emergency Landing System (well, not really....wheels just fold back in)

- "Beeper" Delorean Time Circuit setting reciever

- More Graphical Enhancements

- - New Sparks

- - New Train Effects

- - Pulsating glows for 04 Delorean

- - Longer Fire Trails

- - Revised Fire Effects

- - BTTF 3 Coils will Flicker

- - Headlight and Taillight Glows added to Flying Models

- - BTTF 2 Stream Thrusts from Hover Conversation

- - Wheel Lights

- - New Vent Glows

- - DMC13 effects

- New Animations for

- - Time Train (wheels, rods, doors, varius parts, flying switch)

- - BTTF2 Time machine Delorean

- - DMC13 Time machine Delorean

- Missions

- - "Tutorial"

- - "The Ride"

- New Models

- - New DMC13 Delorean Model

- - New Time Train Model

- - Delorean enhancments

- - Marty's Truck

- - Doc's Truck

- - Tweaked handling for DeLorean and DMC-13


- Lots of graphical enhancements

- Glows for coils

- Pulsating glows for train coils

- Different colored wormholes for time machines

- Glows for vents and wheels (and underbody for train)

- Updated Delorean Models and 04 Delorean model

- Brand New Hover Mode for the Time Machine

- SPM model for KITT

- KITT has status lights (cruise mode, pursuit mode, super pursuit mode)

- Time Machine has status lights (time circuit error, empty fuel chamber)

- Normal cars have a status light (low fuel)

- Autodrive revamped to allow KITT to follow you, even if you're driving

- New colors for time circuits

- Most text spacing corrected

- 70 mph limit removed.

- 04 Time Machine added

- Location circuits added for 04 Time Machine

- Possibility of Time Circuit error when damaged sending you to different times

- Possibility of sending you to Nth Dimension if heavily damaged

- Cold Deloreans on reentry

- "Dead" BTTF1 Delorean on Reentry

- New Explosion colors

- Status lights added to bottom of the fuel part (Low fuel, empty chamber, time circuit error)

- Over 30 cars added, 2015 ones are hover capable

- Marker shows where gas station is when fuel is low

- New sounds (driving<->flying, reentry, top gear delorean sound, ignition/turn off sound, cold delorean, wheel and vent boosters)

- language support

- weather

- plenty of bug fixes


-First time Ingame help

-New Installer

-More cars

-New updated delorean model

-Calendar system

-New sounds (doors, KITT Jump, license plate)

-New Time Circuits

-Time Machine Garage

-New plutonium location

-Lybians now will chase you if you steal plutonium

-"Glowing" Vents on the flying time machines

-Skateboard and Hoverboard added

-Players can hang onto a vehicle with the skateboard/hoverboard

-Car Spawn Locations changed

-More varius bug fixes


-More Delorean Model Fixes

-RC Mode added

-Delorean can time travel regardless if player is in the car or not

-KITT's autodrive removed

-KITT's keypresses changed

-Blue explosions

-Longer fire trails

-Griff's BMW added


-Delorean Model fixes

-Time Travel changes two buildings depending on the year

-Minutes can now be changed

-Real Time

-Various bug fixes

-KITT added


-pursuit mode and super pursuit mode



-talking KITT



-Some new loading screens


-Inital Version

for those who skipped past through everything and didn't bother to read the instructions on installing cars and other models (its changed since 0.2d)


Link also provided: http://files.filefront.com/Back+to+the+Fut...;/fileinfo.html