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  3. Hello, i was testing the Skin Selector mod (the one compatible with Cleo3) and my game crashes all the time i try to spawn the Bttf2 Delorean. Someone could help me? I am out of ideas. Here's the Crash Information: GTA:SA Crashed, Debug info Follows: GTA Info: Error: Unknown Assembly Info: Exception at Address: 0x0040890A Exception Code: 0xc0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) Registers: EAX: 0x00004800 EBX: 0x0000000C ECX: 0x03DF551C EDX: 0x0047480C ESI: 0x0093FD00 EDI: 0x0005B040 EBP: 0x00000000 ESP: 0x0177FC14 Last Opcode: 0247 in thread 'worm' (0x3DF551C)
  4. Well, i downloaded the files and the game worked normally, but the Delorean couldn't pass the 55Mph and the KITT or KATT (I forgot the name of the Car) Crashes when i change in the Garage. If you could tell me what is going wrong i would be grateful
    How can i obtain BTTF 1 Delorean Time Machine with Hook ? And how do i set it on top of the car, what Key is it ?
  5. how to put the hook of bttf 1 delorean right side on top? What Key is it?
  6. I still have all of the relevent files to this and can remember how I did it. I could never get the models to work properly. The game is too unstable when putting in custom models. For a while I had it working but have never been able to get models to work without crashing. If anyone has a fix for it I'll finish this straight away! EDIT: I see VC Mobile has been updated this year. I will try and see if I can get stablity with some kind of model. I did try lowering polys and everything but nothing would work. I will update with my progress. EDIT2: Now think I can get this working just need time.
  7. as far as the bugs go the clock tower event never resets so that probably needs to be fixed. 2 is by design, the flying circuits are destroyed. you arent gonna have a good time. 3. spawn point probably needed to be lowered but will receive a new spawn point in 0.3 4. yes it was removed i dont remember why 5. listing the cars would be very helpful as i have not seen this for myself
  8. @Mike those addons are for sa @kRay57 while thats not true for the current dev build its very true for the upcoming 0.3 as deloreans have a ton of internal moving parts now
  9. first error, saving in a car is going to crash the game, loading a save from stock vc/any other version of the mod will also crash the game 2nd and 3rd crashes are just random doesnt mean doing those things caused it. we do hope the next version is more stable however.
  10. I’ve updated the discord invite link, it should work again now. Here it is for ease: https://discord.gg/uSspeU3
  11. xD oh yeah they happened but less frequently than I thought they would.....funny enough it's nowhere near as bad as the amount of softlocking GTA SA has done to me recently. as for the anti-virus I don't run any and the discord link on the site is invalid
  12. if youre jailbroken i can send you the ipa file to install manually
  13. Possibly the app was removed from the app store / isn't visible anymore because Apple removed 32-bit support with iOS 11 and the app was never updated to 64-bit.
  14. I was trying to work out how you managed a two hour video on the mod, and then the crashes started Re the R2 release/developmental builds, hit one of us up on the Discord channel and we'll see if we can talk you through getting it working. (if you're on windows 10 then temporarily disabling any anti-virus applications may help as some return a false positive on the installer)
  15. I Got many errors when playing the Mod, for unknown reasons, here's the reports: 1st Error = Loading a Save File Exception: c0000005 Address: 0046352f 2nd Error = Flying the BTTF2 Delorean Exception: c0000005 Address: 005c2d01 3rd Error = Exploring Around Exception: c0000005 Address: 0059ef21 could you help me?
  16. If you are using 0.2f then the DeLorean models are carcols compatible, so add your colours into that file.
  17. Sometimes you don't need the .dff file but If you're playing on the latest 0.2f dev build then there's a possibility the model you downloaded isn't compatible with it anymore as it was made on a very old version of the game. That's my theory.
  18. Jesus it's been quite a while since I've been here. So to start this off I will post the potential bugs I found...now I don't know if they are bugs but to me they are! 1. Cars driving through hill valley during the night of the thunderstorm.... it's horrible but that's not the bug, so I travelled to nov 12 1955 10:03pm and the alarm clock went off.... good but I failed because of the cars... however when I time travelled back to 10:03pm the alarm clock did NOT go off and thus I missed the opportunity to do the event. 2. When the flying delorean is struck by lightning and going from flying to car... I can't move the delorean during the animation cycle.....which caused me to plummet into the ocean to my death. 3. The rogers locomotive floats at it's spawn point after pushing the delorean to 88mph 4. This one might not be a bug but......I wasn't able to make the DMC13 time machine.... was it removed ? I don't recall if it was removed in base 0.2f 5. certain cars are missing their wheels until they're really far away where they look complete also I've got a lot of issues trying to get the dev builds to run like after installing the game would boot to black screen and soft lock my PC forcing me to reboot so to even get this stream done I had to use the manual installer. Anyway I'll be covering the mod more in the future when I can get the dev builds running xD, take care! full stream can be found here: if you spot anything I might of missed....then it's a good job I stream
  19. Hello, i got a problem. The problem is exactly that i don't know how install the addons for the Mod such as the Blue Delorean, the Turquise and others. I got the bttf2.txd file. But when i put into the bttf.img using the Alci's IMG Editor 1, enter the game and hit 88Mph with the BTTF1 Delorean, the game crashes. And also, how i get the .dff file for the vehicles? I need to edit something? If someone could explain to me how i could make it work. i would be grateful. -WackyDelorean
  20. I can't get this to work at all! So what happens is I click the bttf-hv.exe and the game runs, it soft locks my computer on a black screen so I have to force a reset (I can't CTRL+ ALT + DEL to access task manager or sign out) The base game itself works just fine until I install the mod The rig I'm using is : ryzen 2700x CPU 16GB DDR4 RAM GTX 1060 6 GB mini and the game + mod is being run off an NVME M.2 drive ( not M.2 SSD)
  21. Hey soo, I tried using the time circuits but they're lagging! I'll try to type numbers in but it takes many tries for it to go through Also the sounds for the time circuits are really loud and idk if I'm able to turn it down or not :o Any help is appreciated! Also the mod so far is awesome :>
  22. We've been dragged kicking and screaming into 2019, and to get with the modern times we have updated our social media presence. You can now find us at the following locations (click the logos to be taken there automatically): BTTF Hill Valley - trailers and promo videos for the mod will be posted here BTTF Hill Valley Dev Channel - brand new channel created to post development videos relating to the mod One of the first homes for BTTF HV before we moved to our own site back in 2007, still kept up to date with all news and downloads Official BTTF HV Discord channel, chat to members and keep up to date on the latest developments with the mod here Official BTTF HV Facebook page - another great place to chat and keep in touch with us Official BTTF HV Instagram page - news from the teams facebook page will be cross posted here. Official BTTF HV Twitter - news from the teams facebook page will be cross posted here. Please like and subscribe to the different streams and all that good stuff. See you in the future!
  23. Hi, welcome back to the mod! - The vehicles can not stay on train tracks, no matter what. The Roger's Locomotive time trivel just goes off-road until reach the sea This is caused by a col issue with the tracks, this will be fixed in next update - The rook can no be placed in BTTF 1 DeLorean, and I've missed the ringing clock and the start mark on the road Fixed in the next update - I can't repair the damaged veichles anywhere, or get them refueled Fixed in 0.3
  24. Hello guys! First I want to thank the team for bringing back this mod. So great memories! I've been playing the last release for the past hours and found some bugs that I thought would be helpful - The vehicles can not stay on train tracks, no matter what. The Roger's Locomotive time trivel just goes off-road until reach the sea - The rook can no be placed in BTTF 1 DeLorean, and I've missed the ringing clock and the start mark on the road - I can't repair the damaged veichles anywhere, or get them refueled This are the ones that I got on top of my mind right now, but I know that it's a test version and its already awesome, love where the map is going! Hope to see more soon. Thank you all!
  25. good afternoon, do you already have this mod to download ?? for android
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