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  3. Hey i wish i could get some of your BTTF SA videos if you was still on YouTube 

  4. New BTTF Car

    Hey i can't get to the cars on the server website
  5. Back To The Future: San Andreas: Larger 1885 Map Mod

    Hey i can't get the map mod please 
  6. [GTA SA] BTTF Mini Mod and modloader?

    Is there a way to install the mod so that it can be loaded with Modloader?
  7. Mobile BTTF:HV

    Welcome back everyone to the dead thread. Is anyone still alive?
  8. fixed broken link*
  9. Why this code is not working

    you are telling it to drive to its self. the way it reads the car is already there.
  10. over the years you have done a great job at keeping up to date with us and following our next steps, now its time for us to be up to date with you, after careful consideration, following the trends and seeing how you kids talk in the 2010's we believe this is the best way to reach out to our fans, we are rolling out a discord server, however it is your job as a community to fill it with all the relevant information, we will do our best to help as well, but only as a community can we begin to build our discord server, so with that being said click the button or link to join the server, have fun and remember the forum rules still apply to the server. https://discord.gg/gdTTHkE
  11. Why this code is not working

    why this code is not working  :CAR13 thread 'CAR13' :CAR13_10 wait 0  if     Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR) else_jump @CAR13_10  if   00DC:   player $PLAYER_CHAR driving #PHEONIX then   03C1: $DMC13 = player $PLAYER_CHAR car  jump @CAR13_10 end   if     not Car.Wrecked($DMC13) else_jump @CAR13_10  if and  00E1:   key_pressed 0 13   00E1:   key_pressed 0 18  else_jump @CAR13_10  wait 100  0054: store_player $PLAYER_CHAR position_to 0@ 1@ 2@  0167: 4@ = create_marker_at 0@ 1@ 2@ color 1 flag 3  Marker.SetColor(4@, 14) 0168: set_blip 4@ size 2  Car.DriveTo($DMC13, 0@, 1@, 2@) 00AE: set_vehicle $DMC13 traffic_behavior_to 2  6@ = 25.0 // floating-point values  :CAR13_169 wait 0  Car.SetMaxSpeed($DMC13, 6@) wait 0  if and    not 6@ > 180.0 // floating-point values  00E1:   key_pressed 0 15  else_jump @CAR13_229  6@ += 0.5 // floating-point values  jump @CAR13_169  :CAR13_229 wait 0  if and   6@ >= 10.0 // floating-point values (never used in VC or GTA 3)  00E1:   key_pressed 0 15  else_jump @CAR13_277  6@ -= 0.5 // floating-point values  jump @CAR13_169  :CAR13_277 wait 0  if or 00E1:   key_pressed 0 15  00F5:   player $PLAYER_CHAR 0 0@ 1@ 2@ radius 10.0 10.0 1000.0  else_jump @CAR13_169  Marker.Disable(4@) 0168: set_blip 4@ size 0  Car.SetMaxSpeed($DMC13, 0.0) 0369: put_player $PLAYER_CHAR in_car $DMC13  jump @CAR13_10  Car.SetMaxSpeed($DMC13, 0.0) Marker.Disable(4@) 0168: set_blip 4@ size 0  jump @CAR13_10 end_thread    This Code When I Execute it with pressing Horn+Camera in PHEONIX Car doesn't do anything. Can anyone help me!
  12. The LEGO Dimensions DeLorean for GTA SA

    Hey Olivercomet can I replace bananas with this delorean 
  13. Is this for real? A BttF 10-part series on Netflix?

    April fools joke on april 2nd
  14. Clocktower run crash

    Im having a issue doing the clocktower run when the lightning strikes the game crashes.
  15. Get a clean version of the game steam, or disk.   Then try using the Manual Version of the installer and then the Novernber update it fixed for me.
  16. Thanks for leading me here!  
  17. Back to the Future: A long time ago.

    Loved this series!! Watched on YouTube a few months ago! STILL trying to get all these mods to work together...
  18. Delorean88mp's Bttf sa mod doesnt work. How to fix

    Ok so this what my problem too and here's how i fixed it. First start up FRESH GTA SA and just hit new game. Play the first mission and save as soon as you get the chance. Now go back to your modded GTA and load that save game. Mix in the properties compatibility mode and the Windows DEP trick and remember, a lot of the time it wont work... but when it does, it is glorious! Also let me know if you need me to further explain thins, assuming your familiar with modding  
  19. Nike Hi Top back to the future trainers

    they would actually be called past trainers now
    The hard work and dedication in this, is insane. This team, this community is incredible! As stated previously by Peter is the time train no longer keeps its momentum when time traveling in cutscene mode. Other than that it is fantastic! One question, could there be a timeline where the dmc-13 Time Machine makes a return? I understand why it was removed but it was so unique and cool! Anyways excellent as always!
  20. When I start a new game, it gets stuck on the francis intl airport screen. I cant close the application, the only way to close it is to restart my pc. Ive tried almost everything to get it to work. How do i fix this. P.S. the error i get in error dump is this:       GTA:SA Crashed, Debug Info Follows: GTA Info: Version: US 1.0 Last File Loaded: Last Library Loaded: Error: Unknown Assembly Info: Exception At Address: 0x00000000 Exception Code: 0xc0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) Registers: EAX: 0x046E0D28    EBX: 0x00000000 ECX: 0x046E2968    EDX: 0x00000320 ESI: 0x03FA43E8    EDI: 0x00C9C078 EBP: 0x00000000    ESP: 0x0177F8B8
  21. Have you installed BTTF SA and saw all the links taken down by BTTFModMachine?No offense. Here are the revived updates but only the early ones that were uploaded by Abdullah Basit24 Files:https://mega.nz/#F!qBw1yDyJ!2SGPsKDX04IPAiKu2LPngg (Note:You need to install this first and don't install teleport script timecircuits!) Anyway back to the point, the BTTF 4 DeLorean got deleted and you can't install it so I made some scripts and code to revive it! Files: https://goo.gl/H7VuLX New Features: 0.1: Added Blue DeLorean (by Olivercomet) (You don't say) 0.2: Blue telltale wormhole and garage.cs file but not spawnable by garage if you select BTTF4 the game will crash 0.21: Added TellTale DeLorean by SnakeGTAMods 0.3 :Seperated code, please reinstall again the cleo scripts as I seperated them, also borrowed the code from BTTFKR vent.s but it does not play the audio If someone knows how to edit audiostream command correctly in .cs and .s scripts, please tell me Controls: Spawn BTTF 4 with RShift and N The mod is in really early beta so no garage spawn nor TP scripts. I need helpers.
  22. Hey guys I'm selling these very rare collectors item Nike air Mag 2008 Kobe Hyperdunk special edition 2015 Back to the future trainers! Check them out at the link! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112180851545   
  23. New BTTF Car

    Hi Im Sn1per09Inc. A new user im italian and i create a project(not finalized) of BTTF Car The server is open enter(The Server Have All BTTF CARS mod)The name of the server is Italian Most Epic Server(im not founder)The name of admin is Pietro09,Dardo98 The Founder Name is:Fanta-Italy! Visit Our Site for more information! http://luna7535.wixsite.com/bttfsimeserver
  24. The BTTF2 Delorean keeps turning into the helicopter: What the hell is wrong with it? My game is the steam version, and everything is up to date. I clean installed VC, then installed 0.2f and the patch.
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