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Android 0.1 Release

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Back to the Future Hill Valley Android Edition V 0.1 << Download

what's included

time machine garage

Cutscene/instant time travel

Time circuits

Plutonium and trash refuel

Lybian chase

hook and license plates

RC Mode

Hill valley courthouse square

flying time travel

backwards 99

nth dimension

ride mission


what's not included

time train

dmc 13


what's broken

clock tower run?

hover mode has glitches

time circuits cannot turn off once turned on




refuel/add hook: shoot

bttf2 hover: radio and brake

time circuits on :handbrake + horn 

time circuits next number: handbrake + left

time circuits advance right: handbrake + right

change time travel mode: handbrake + radio

activate rc :sprint + punch
exit rc: Shoot

garage exit: exit vehicle

garage next delorean: left or right

garage bttf1 hook options: gas or brake

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