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Leaf's 3d Printer

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If you don't know what a 3d Printer is , its a magic machine that takes plastic in a spool like this


and extrudes it into hot plastic layers one on top of another to turn it into a 3d model from the computer that you can now hold in your hoof

I found out about 3d printers while watching my little pony videos (as one does) and then came across a time lapse of a pony being made of plastic. I decided from that day about a year or well now 2 ago that i would have a printer, so last Christmas my mom paid for a makibox printer which were made in china, long story short they ran off with everyone's money and left their company a bad name and allot of people got p***ed so i waited another year and when i got a good check i bought one from an American company called printrbot, i got the cheapest one the printrbot simple makers 1405 yes i remembered all of that. i got the unassembled one for $375.00 shipping not included, my roommate mike (no not our mike) and i built it in 2 days (no not 48 hours straight we took 2 days of getting off at 5 and working on it till 2 am) and then about a day of calibration and we were printing, a few weeks of fine tuning and i now have this beautiful machine


my original plan was to print a pony, i have not done that, i did try to print an equestria girl but her legs broke :(


no i haven't printed a delorean, mostly because i cant get one to show up correctly in the slicing program, i plan to try some hill valley buildings though.

i don't really have any pics but this one i just printed at the fastest speed which is 300% normal speed is 100% and slowest is 25%



most of the reason i don't have pics is i don't remember to take a pic of a print and they either get lost or they are inside a project or being used to fix something in my house. useful things I've printed are things for my mom, like an adapter for surger bobbins to fit a regular sewing machine, and she has really bad arthritis so i am working on some knobs that go on her art kit, so she can continue painting and doing what she loves

also painting stuff like these



so do i regret not buying a super expensive printer, hell no, i love this thing, its amazing, i have actually scoured the internet to find upgrades which i plan to do to my printer such as these

x and y carriage upgrade with spool holder (basically this makes it able to print bigger and also has a spot to hold the giant spool of filament)

led light (goes under the extruder you wouldn't think you'd need this but sometimes its nice to shine a flashlight on the printer to see the print better)

feet (need to print these printer is a little wobbly i usually use an sd card to prop one of the sides up)\

dual hot ends (this is cool i'll be able to print the mane model in abs while printing support structures in pla that way i can dissolve it in sodium hydroxide)

heat bed (this one requires me to modify the power supply so it'll be last this allowes me to print other filaments besides pla)

there are also other filaments i haven't gotten to try



abs (requires heat bed)


there are more but i cant think of them

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