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  1. August 10, 1950

    Last night, my mother phoned to inform me that my father had died. They had lived apart for over a decade and had had only minimal communication since their separation, so she was more philosophical than emotional. This describes my own state as well, given my basically perfunctory conversations with him after graduating college. Father (as he never allowed me to call him "Dad") was a cold man, which may have had its advantages in dispensing justice, but did not endear him to many, myself included. On the other hand, had he been a better, warmer parent, perhaps I would not have been so resolute about defying his wishes by turning my energies to science rather than following in his footsteps. I do believe in his own way he took pride in the fact that I participated in the Manhattan Project and helped win the war. And I will certainly attend the funeral.

  2. Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine Detailed Review and Ride Along

    This is the most detailed review, walk through and ride along of a Delorean Time Machine ever done, a full hour of an in depth at one of the best Time Machine replicas ever made by Bob's Prop Shop in Dallas Texas, this being the 24th car they have built is a car for sale and this video will show every inch of how it works!


  3. October 22, 1949

    I have found working as an appliance repairman to be amazingly liberating. It has taught me a practical craft, and I have learned a great deal about the inver workings of refrigerators, stoves, air conditioners, and televisions. I have even made improvements to some of my clients devices, ensuring they will last far beyond their rated lives. Most importantly, the job allows me time to do mental thought experiments on new inventions. And, I have acquired a canine companion from the local dog shelter, whom I have named Copernicus.

  4. The Ottoman Empire had a new hot typesetting machine (linotype) at that time. In the linotype machine, typesetters press the written letters on a keyboard instead of arranging the written letters over and over again, and the machine forms the printed letters by pouring the hot metal inside them.

    I will try this with modern technologies.

  5. 8 hours ago, Doc-Holliday- said:

    I was stuck on that to for a little bit, some didn't like the game but I love it even til this day.

    The puzzles of the Citizen Brown section of the game were also a little more challenging than the other sections. It took me quite some time to figure out how to escape the crashed DeLorean at the beginning of Episode 3, and discovering the secret stash of booze Marty's mother hid around town required some ingenious environmental manipulation.

  6. May 20, 1946

    As I prepare for my new endeavor, I fondly recall many theoretical discussions about time travel with some of the other physicists in New Mexico. Although many were skeptical of the concept, several, such as Dr. John Barber and Professor Derek Fridolfs, had observations and ideas that remain encouraging. I look forward to exploring these concepts in my spare time after work, and hope to find some like-minded colleagues.

  7. I want to print a magazine explaining the features of the DeLorean Time Machine in Ottoman Turkish language, like the page view in the Tercüman-ı Hakikat newspaper in the old 1890s, how can I do it?

    Please seriously write down various ideas regarding the question below.

  8. May 14, 1946

    I have been hired by King Class Technologies to work on a classified project.
    They have also hired...and...and I believe it was the letter who recommended me. I am hopeful that the camaraderie and exchange of ideas we experienced in Los Alamos will continue in this new environment in California.

    Sept. 1945, from left, Kenneth Bainbridge, Joseph Hoffmann, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Louis Hempelmann, Victor Weisskopf, me, Robert Bacher, Richard Dadson.

  9. March 6, 1946

    Time travel via a time machine. The idea has fascinated me ever since I read H. G. Wells's novel. Is it possible? No matter what I do, my mind constantly returns to that conundrum. It is for this reason that I collect clocks - each a time machine in itself.

      With the end of the war , there are a lot of unemployed physicists. Unfortunately, General Leslie Groves, the overseer of the Manhattan Project, did not write letters of recommendation for any of us, which I suppose is a necessary by - product of involvement in a top - secret project. Nevertheless, I hope to find some sort of real - world employment, as I fear that becoming a university professor would eventually, lead to mental atrophy. As much as I admire Albert Einstein, I am doubtful that his situation at Princeton will result in any more breakthroughs.

  10. On 11/21/2023 at 11:14 PM, NavinKnight said:

    I really like this mod... I can't play in my pc cause my pc is dead... Please make an Android version of little bit of feature... Like Autocruse, spm, & rocket launcher etc

    It's been almost 9 years, is the development still continuing? It's a job that requires willpower.

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