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    Now what?

    Thanks for the help. Sorry about putting this in the wrong section, Mike. Kirok
  2. Kirok

    Now what?

    Thanks, guys. I appreciate the help. May I ask-- I know I can skip the tutorial, but if I skipped it, would I have access to all the DMC cars? My guess is that I have to play out the tutorial to get all the goodies. I also seem to remember seeing something about missions. Are there missions from the movie in this? Thanks again! Kirok
  3. Kirok

    Now what?

    After a few weeks of fun and trying to figure things out, I'm sort of stuck. I have completed the tutorial, and got stuck with just Doc's train. My question is, what happens AFTER the tutorial? Is there a YouTube video that can help? I was really looking forward to using the BTTF3 Delorean and the railroad one. Am I missing something? Appreciate the help! Kirok
  4. Yea, I guess I can just load a new game each time. Just wanted to see if I could save steps for progress. Its no biggie. I'm just thankful there is FINALLY a BTTF game that's awesome! I was scarred from teenage-dom when Nintendo put out that retched game in 90' or somewhere around that time. It was for the original NES system, and was just terrible. Thanks though, Mike. I do appreciate it! Kirok
  5. Hi Mike, Okay, I deleted all game files and ran the game in XP Compatibility mode with the game running as the administrator. I saved a new game, and loaded it... It got to a few seconds into it, then froze. Plus, the flying DMC now flies erratic and upside down. It was pretty funny to watch actually. Any ideas? Thanks for your help! Kirok
  6. Mike, I save my progress at random points, whenever I think about it. Also, Angelo said "As for setting the compatibility to Windows XP, it is no longer necessary. In fact, in some cases, setting it to XP compatibility would cause issues instead of fixing them." I wonder what I should do? Thank you, Kirok
  7. Yea, getting that save error as before. I wasn't in a car, or near any time circuits. I captured the error for reference.
  8. Thank you, Mike. I appreciate your help. Will let you know how it goes.
  9. Thank you, Mike. I appreciate that! However, this issue was part two of a bigger one... saving my games and progress. I wasn't able to save games, so I thought perhaps I needed some updates or patches. Thus, this is what began my IMG tool issue. I am able to save games, but cannot load them later. I get the option to choose the game file... black screen with "loading" appears, then an error window pops up behind the game saying there was an address error. I can grab a screen grab of that error if it will help. Many thanks, Mike! Kirok
  10. Hey guys, I downloaded the PDF tutorial and followed everything... but when I got to rebuilding the gta3 image file with Image Tool 2, it said an "image maybe already in use", and didn't do a thing. This was on my Vista machine. So... I did a hard reboot; same error. Re-installed IMG Tool 2, and same thing. I came to the conclusion it MIGHT be a XP/Vista issue, so I took the image file to my XP machine, tried the same thing, and it had some sub commands in there for the root directory, so I was screwed with XP too. I saw the IMG tool program is four years old, so that was hard evidence of a XP/Vista issue. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks! Kirok
  11. Thank you, sir! On topic, are there any cheats for this mod, or quick ways to get to other missions, cars, etc? Thanks!
  12. Hi! First, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for developing this. You guys will make my cousin's Christmas so very special. He has down syndrome, and we've always LOVED BTTF as a fun source for laughs. I'd like to donate some $$ in appreciation. I honestly can't wait to see his reaction when he starts to play this. I'd also like to ask, are there any cheat codes for this mod, or do the standard cheats work for GTAVC? I'm new to this mod, so please excuse my ignorance. Again, thank you. Kirok