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    I’ve updated the discord invite link, it should work again now. Here it is for ease: https://discord.gg/uSspeU3
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    Buggy developmental build of 0.2f R2, it is buggy! Full Installer - install on a fresh/clean copy of GTA Vice City List of fixes included from the previous release: -mall collision added -new load screens -plutonium pickup fix -car texture fix -model flicker fix -weapon icon fix -doc skin from 1955 added -gxt fix -rc remote added to garage -removed misplaced objects in the air -new objects parameters Controls: Switch on/off time circuits: + Destination time is entered via the keypad or top row of buttons on the keyboard, confirm your entry with the minus key: - Open/Close doors on Jules Verne Train: T Open/Close rear tail gate on Docs truck: Y To enter R/C mode: R Change BTTF 2 DeLorean to hover mode: C Toggle cutscene / instant time travel: M Connect BTTF 3 railroad delorean to Rogers locomotive: Numpad 4 Rogers push BTTF 3 railroad delorean: Horn
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    Hi, welcome back to the mod! - The vehicles can not stay on train tracks, no matter what. The Roger's Locomotive time trivel just goes off-road until reach the sea This is caused by a col issue with the tracks, this will be fixed in next update - The rook can no be placed in BTTF 1 DeLorean, and I've missed the ringing clock and the start mark on the road Fixed in the next update - I can't repair the damaged veichles anywhere, or get them refueled Fixed in 0.3
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    I've been working on some of the UI parts such as the menu etc. Album Link:http://imgur.com/a/bfBNj