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  1. Adding time travel script to a car

    How do i add a time travel script to a car other than the delorean?   Thanks in advance, N4VY
  2. Hello, everyone. I have a small request. May I get a script of the classic 1980's Knight Rider's functions for GTA San Andreas? Please, no Cleo. Just a simple small mini script. The following list is the only thing I'd like to install: -Spawn/summon K.I.T.T to you -1980's K.I.T.T moving scanner -SPM (switch from normal to spm) -Turbo Boost -K.I.T.T follows you -Jump That's it! I just request a mini mod. I tried all over the net to find just these scripts as source to add it into the main.scm. I really want to add it into "SpaceEinsteinv3.0." I understand if it's not possible. Thanks.