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  1. Hello everyone! This is a WIP created entirely by me, so there are no permissions issues. Great for making movies. Look! Where we're going we don't have roads. http://youtu.be/RNHSRVWyLdQ UPDATE: I didn't want this topic to be inactive for too long, so I am posting progress updates with MEd screenshots. Notice that the roads exist in these screenshots because no texture modifications are made: UPDATE 1: UPDATE 4: Added McFly Farm House FULL RELEASE: Yay! http://youtu.be/1QbBV88Vgm8 DOWNLOAD: http://goo.gl/ia9l4E Thanks to LoadGamePL for help with MapEditor. Also, big thanks to Delorean88MP and TranceLikeState! See you in San Andreas, or in MapEditor, or 1885... -BTTFModMachine