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Mod progression (Over the next x years)

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For the people who are wondering what order things will be made in. Please DO NOT talk about features that won't be in the current version we are working on.

- 0.2f: Fixing the remaining bugs that are in 0.2e and missing features.

- 0.3x: Completion of the 1955 Hill Valley map.

- 0.4x: 1955 missions.

- 0.5x: Completion of the 1985 Hill Valley map.

- 0.6x: 1985 missions.

- 0.7x: Completion of the 2015 Hill Valley map.

- 0.8x: 2015 missions.

- 0.9x: Completion of the 1885 Hill Valley map.

- 1.0x: 1885 missions and the end of the mod.

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