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well after 1 or 2 months of begging people for stuff (sorry) i finally made a custom modpack for gta san andreas with the previous post BELOW


the larger 1885 map mod is also included (thanks nickumtoo)

i fixed all errors and just piled them all up and the only thing u have to install is this

there will be 3 folders or 4                                                                                                                                                     


1. containing almost everything

2.is seperate if u people wanna choose seperate mods

3.a time train with uokka's hover that i havent tested (dont put this in)

4. a save file

all credits are in the notepad

alright heres what u do to install the main mod

1. click the video above and install the mod in the link

2. install on a US 1.0 gta (cracked works also)

3. open windows explorer and right click on Computer and click properties

4. now click advanced system settings on the top left

5. click advanced if your not administrator then im not even sure why u clicked this

6. click performance and click data execution prevention

8.i missed 7 and this is way too long 😠

9.click add and click your gtasa.exe in your gta sa folder

10. test the game first then your done my hands hurt

NOW the CUSTOM mods

install mod loader

click the 1st folder (everything in this folder)

then drag and drop thats easy






spoilers exist yay

well thats it if u want anything i got an entire folder full of mods

download soon?????????????

i hope


im not done its not about the mod i just wanna mention this

 this video uploaded by PC GAMER or natanael has been viewed 11000 times


so im gonna show u how to install it

install the main mod above the 500 mb one


then just install the 700mb file on 4shared

and then rename the file to anything.exe

then run the mod click the folder boom done




and there is no og models for it so u have to use your own alright done woohoo

my hands hurt and this is literally a big s**tpost



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