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Spadoni Production

Back to the Future IV: Dec 25 0000 - Destination Time - The Pilot Episode -

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Back to the Future - Dec 25 0000 - Destination Time - The Pilot Episode - 


This is the worst nightmare of my life! Where is everybody? There’s nobody on the sidewalks nor anywhere else along the way. What is happening with Hill Valley? I hope this is just a bad dream…
Jules, where are you? Get me out of here! This is the McFly Curse. You never know where you are and you’re off and running. When I was a child, Dad used to drive me to school. Every time he dropped me off, he’d say: “Marlene, my girl, learn to get rid of your fears. Face danger as it is happening. Never wait.” Easy for you to say, Dad. It was enough for you to just press down on a Delorean accelerator to understand the world. I don’t even have a driver’s license!

Directed by Daniele Spadoni

- The Pilot Episode -===> 


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