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Game crashes when loading to start a new game


I installed 0.2f on a fresh install of GTA: Vice City and it goes past the intro (even though only the sound plays and the screen is black), and when I go to the menu to play a new game, it pops up the BTTF: Hill Valley Screen with all the pictures of the Delorean and stuff, but then the unhandled exception window pops up saying, "Unhandled exception: c0000005, At address: 004a69da" and the game stops working.

I had previously been working GTA on my computer with build 0.2e just fine prior to installing this mod, and I reinstalled the game from scratch in order to get the new mod to work. I tried every trick I could to make it work: DEP clearance, running as administrator, running it with 98/ME compatibility AND under 256 colors, but the problem still persists.

What should I do to make it work?


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