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Hill Valley Street's width

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I have a question for you ... How can I reduce street size and make this like the 0.2e update?

I don't like very much the current street clocktower's section and I'd like to have the same street of 0.2e version.

Is it possible to adapt the 0.2e street's code on the latest update, like copying it?

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The road isn't defined in code. If you want to take over the road from 0.2e here's a few things you need to know:

  • It consists of a model/mesh that contains information about it's shape, a .dff file.
  • It has a file with graphics that'll be attached to its surface, a texture file in txd format.
  • There is a physical model that defines how you can walk around on it or collide with it, the collision model in .col format. 
  • To make a model known to the game, it needs to be described in item definition files, short .ide files.
  • To control where a model appears in the game, it's instanced in item placement lists, short .ipl files.

The first 2 sit in a collective file archive, gta3.img I the models folder. The remaining are in subfolders under the data\maps folder.

If you want to find all these information to put them into the 0.2f map you can best start by loading up 0.2e in a mapping tool like MooMapper and looking at the properties of the road you want. If you're lucky you might find out that we left the road still in the game in 0.2f, just didn't place it anywhere do that it might be easily addable.

I'll move your topic to a fitting section...

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