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Note for 1.1B Users

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First of all, thank you for Downloading our Mod. 

I just wanted to tell you that the buildings you see in 1.1B weren't the final models. Collisions had been fixed so as positions, buildings had been added. Most of those buildings you see in game had been remodeled. I really have no idea what happened with Final Buildings.

I am very sad since I made a lot of work in that Courthouse :( , and the last thing I remember is that someone started to delete files of our shared folder.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the mod. :) 

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those models were in the shared folder we had. They were in game. Jen, dont you remember cardellinis pizza? Also Mr foster was remodelled as so as the building behind the Sherwin Williams shop (the one that has the park next to, which was also removed with the construction site that has behind.

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