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Welcome to my new topic for my progress on the conversion of Marty McFly's 1985 Toyota SR5 pickup truck from GTA VC to GTA IV!

Update: August 31, 2013

Converted straight from the Back to the Future: Hill Valley mod for GTA Vice City comes Marty McFly's 4x4 truck, as seen in Back to the Future Part III!

This truck was converted by RobertBlox within 1 week and features the following:
- Color changeable body
- Color changeable wheels (separate from body)
- Opening doors, hood, and trunk
- HQ textures and interior
- Toyota badges
- Re-made lights
- modeled/re-modeled/refined parts

- Extra parts

-- Truck bed cover

-- Boxes in rear bed (2 versions)


-- I will consider publicly uploading it once permissions are granted

EDIT: Sorry for the low-video quality. The original clip is 1280x720, but youtube tends to lower the quality of my uploads... :cry:

Zmodeler edits update:

Updated 8/26/2013

  • Headlamps and side signals are larger to be realistic
  • Car body optimized for GTA IV
  • The entire model has been retextured
  • Toyota badges added to the body
  • Interior textures redone in High Quality
  • License plates were resized
  • Wheels were retextured with real Goodyear Wrangler Radial tires





Edited by RobertBlox
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Now, that's great! Where did you get the wheels from?

The wheels are the original ones from GTA VC.

I had to retexture them because the original texture mapping was messed up.

If you're asking where I got the texture for them from, I had to search on Google in order to find images of the tire and then edit them into a texture. ;)

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The showcase video for this mod is now available!

I will consider publicly releasing this mod if proper permissions are granted! :D

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I love it! Great Work :good:

Thanks! :D


By the way, if you read this, Microman, you may notice that I fulfilled a request you made in 2009 about Marty's pickup. ;)

You said:

"I think the Headlights needs to be bigger ... "


The ironic thing is, I thought the same. :good:

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Oh, and check your inbox.

I replied back with your request. ;)

In relation to this topic, if I can get permission from k1092000 to release his truck with my mods for IV, then I will.

If anyone ever sees him online, let me know or send him a message asking him to check this topic on my behalf. :)

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Nice VC map !!

The truck looks great to me :D

Thanks! :D

If your interested, the VC map I'm using in the video is from Vice City Rage Beta 3. It's not as good as Beta 2 in terms of some textures and coding, but it's not bad!

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