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Doc Emmet Brown's van animation on GTA SA and skin marty

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Programist's mod isn't here:


Please remove the link ..

they have to download from my site http://backtothefut.3dn.ru/

Not that it really matters but it's really difficult to navigate on that web site for people who don't speak russian. Some buttons use pictures instead of text so even text translators don't really help.

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I understand.

But maybe, if you have the time and pleasure, it would help those international users who follow your link if they could find some kind of guidance in english on your site. Your english is good enough for a small guide to explain at least the picture-buttons I think. This is just a suggestion of course - no criticism - but I'm afraid it just doesn't make that much sense to link to your site as is for a lot of users around here.

If I remember correctly, I had to send you several screenshots of some buttons from that site, which you have translatet for me.

Might also be possible that I'm just slightly stupid - But I also never click on anything that I don't know the meaning of.

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