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2015 Court House Square

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Hey guys, I'm sure you remember how much I used to always talk about making a 2015 Court House Square in my early days on the forum. Yes it was that long ago, approximately two years. Well any way, after many trials including the fights and arguments with the only left member of the dead "BTTFModAddons" project, I'm not giving any names, you know who you are, I decided to learn how to model and code to continue my project for the 2015 HV. I don't know why I love this era so much, I just want to have it at least in Vice City because there are mods similar to this one, if not exact, for San Andreas but the 2015 era doesn't fit the the orange yellowish foggy look, to me at least. Now forgive me if you knew I was working on this project and noticed I was taking a long time, that's because I went through a phase in my life for about two or three months ,after about 25% of the models were complete, that really changed me and how I look at things. Anyways I didn't go for exact accuracy, I just wanted to do some basic modeling to get it done quickly, however, there is ,I believe, a good amount of detail in it. The modeling part has been finished, but it's yet to be textured. Hope you guys like the work so far.


Note: It looks so much better as a full size view. ;) lol

I'd like to give a special thanks to the following people before I move on with this add on:

Jesus Christ(for making my life so much better than what it was, if it wasn't for him I'd be doing this add on for the wrong reason)

Chico688(For being one of my best friends on here and for being my mentor on modeling, love you bro)

TheCoolest2(If it wasn't for you, I would have never even started modeling, you meant things unto evil, but God meant them unto good.)

Rave(for being a good friend who encouraged me to do my best and being one of my coding mentors, your awesome)

Dragon King (for helping me in about all areas)

Liam(for inspiring me to learn techniques, even though you got angry with me, I still looked at your modeling as example of what mine should be like)

Mike(for having mercy in the past on a person hard to deal with, me)

Carlos, from the mod team(for giving me assistance when ever I asked, even in times where I made the whole HV Mod Team angry.

Microman(for offering help and assistance)

P.S. To the BTTF HV Mod Team just wondering, can I put a poster on one of my models that advertises 2f for the sake of having an interesting feature since, to my knowledge, it's coming right around the corner?

Anyways, Thank you guys.

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Very nice! Btw In school they have modeling classes so I was learning there, first its AutoCad then 3ds Next term :P

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Well actually I advice that you try looking how to model with 3ds max on youtube. It's a good quick way to learn. Good luck with your models by the way.

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