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Converting models from VC to SA

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The first: How to convert

Tools used:

Kam's Max Scripts

Anos script

3DS max 8

txd workshop

img tool



Model converting

First you must find the car name in ggmm.(Railroad replaced baggage)Open your imgtool 2.0,open bttf hv gta3.img(models folder in gta directory) click edit and click find


Right click and extract


This same operation with .txd

Now choose the directory of the extracted model


Open your 3ds max


Now click dff io


Now click import dff and find the extracted model.


Now 3ds max load model.

Press H and find wheel_lf, wheel_rb, wheel_lb

Select it


Click delete. The wheels are gone!

Now open again menu (press h) and click all

Now maximize the scirpt x anos menu.

Click applica alla selezione



Find esporta, select all and click applica alla selezione


Now in dff export menu find set col


For the deloreans I recommended col of manana.dff (You can extract this in imgtool {you must open sa gta3.img in models folder})

And find manana.dff!


Now click export dff and rename the model name to car what you want to replace.(I replace railroad with yosemite)


You succesfully convert model.

Txd converting

Open your txd workshop and click open txd.

Find the baggage model.

Click image and click decompress all images.


Now change the txd to san andreas.(bottom right corner)

Again image and click compress all images.

When txd compress all images, it's done. But when you have this error:


You must have an convert txd of bttf3 delorean (I dont post link, in gtainside.com you have converted bttf3 by another user)

Now you open again txd workshop and open the downloaded delorean.

Now open the new txd workshop and open the baggage.txd


You must extract gauge, gauge2 and bttf3_rrwheel

Click export and extract the images.

Now you can close baggage.txd,

Click new image, 32bit, and so three times

Now import to new images, gauge , gauge2 and bttf3rr_wheel

Click properties and change the txd name with gauge image to gauge, click compressed, gauge2 image to gauge2, click compressed etc.

Now click file, save as... and save it to yosemite.txd(Or any car name {Just to name the same as model})

GGMM install

Before install you model, click create backup


click manual mod installer , dff model, find the convert model

Click the txd model, find the txd convert for sa

Click install

You have the installed model!


Vehicles.ide edit

Click edit, find and write yosemite

Change the -1 to 0



Now open the sa and find the converted model!(I use vehicle spawner - made by zaz)


Step two:How to make it time traveler

Tools used:


Sanny Builder

Open your GGMM and find the car name of your model

And remember the car number.


Now open cleo folder and create a new txt file called spawn

Now open the spawn file.cs (with sanny builder)

Change the line

10@ = 541

to 10@ = (replace the 541 to car number)

I'm replace yosemite, so i change the code to

10@ = 554

Replace the pressed key to spawn delorean

The line

0AB0:   key_pressed 50 
0AB0: key_pressed 98[/codebox]

Have the key press to spawn a car. Find in google cleo key numbers and change it.

I want to change it to 4.

The virtual key for 4 is 52. So change the line

[codebox]0AB0: key_pressed 50
0AB0: key_pressed 98


0AB0:   key_pressed 52 
0AB0: key_pressed 98[/codebox]

The 98 cleo key is numpad 2.

So I change It to 4 numpad key.

The cleo 4 key is 100

So change the 98 to 100.

[codebox]0AB0: key_pressed 52
0AB0: key_pressed 100

Now click f7 and close the sanny builder

Now open sa, click 4 and the delorean spawns!

This work with any car.


If you have small wheels you must have find the line

Example vehicle.ide:

543, sadler, sadler, car, SADLER, SADLER, null, normal, 10, 0, 0, -1, this line----> 0.7, 0.7,<---- -1

and change it 1.0, 1.0,

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Links removed.
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so this is all in one game, interesting... can i ask for 1 video showcasing all of this? thanx

EDIT: Saw the summary video, great job indeed!

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This I like, but I do have some suggestions for you.

  • Resizing of wheels for certain cars (ex: BTTF1 DeLorean).
  • Appropriate wheels for some cars (ex: Lybians' Van). (Although I think you are probably on that.)
  • Text change of names for cars (ex: Biff's Car to something close as '46 Ford Conv.).
    More Examples:
  • DMC-13 to DeLorean DMC-13.
  • Lybians' Van to VW Microbus.

Other than my annoying list I think what you're doing is something I'd loose months of life for if I did it.

I hope you can get permission to release your add-on soon and Great Job!

Edited by the1upDude

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it's normal it's too big i have the same problem when i converted the 2e model you have to play with the vehicule.ide for fix that. For your video not bad at all but still have some things to do ;)

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Didn't you already upload the addon? I downloaded it from a link on one of your videos, LoadGamePL. The mod itself and the new sounds are cool. I loved the Crysis DeLorean and the "Taxi time machine" as well. I think you should fix the glitch- when you press ctrl on any of the DeLoreans other than the BTTF 2 one, it crashes. I sometimes press ctrl by mistake and the game crashes. Also, you should ask Carlos85G or someone else on the mod team if you could use their models in this addon. ;)

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Also, you should ask Carlos85G or someone else on the mod team if you could use their models in this addon. ;)

That is the normal proceedure, before you attempt to upload anything, it doesn't bode well to upload first and then ask for permission, the person is less likely to get a "yes" that way....

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It first time, yes but I think, the addons are allowed.Then there was the addition of a small and large changes did not have. Now that you are the models I thought it better not to publish prior permission of the mod team.

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Oh well... It wasn't anything major. Only the BTTF I and III DeLoreans were in the addon. LoadGamePL, I reccommend you to not release this as a major add-on (with the Toyota Hilux and Doc's truck etc) without permission. You should also ask Bluespace88 for permission to modify his CLEO scripts. This BTTF: SA mod is his, right, Mike?

Edited by DMC88ELB

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Would you mind if you could tell us how you were able to do this in a tutorial since there would be no necessity to download anything? (Of course if you and the staff didn't mind).

Whenever I want to modify anything in San Andreas it seems to be much harder than Vice City (Cleo vs. SCM) and there's a higher risk of me screwing up my game. Could you give us some tips?

Edited by the1upDude

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Permission of viewing on the forum spawn.cm (screenshot) file, but I'm not professional coder.

Only I'm edit the cars number.

When you open bluespace file, you can see a car number in the line 10@=


Bullet have 541 number, 10@= 541

I want sunrise can time travel.

So I'm edit 10@= 541 to 550 (sunrise number)

Now change the key press.

Find want key in virtual keys list and change it in key_pressed line.


When you click 2, BTTF 2 spawn (key_pressed 50)

Change key to 7 - key_pressed 55

And compile file.

Thats all!

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Yes, you are allowed to show your source code - actually Blue requires you to since you use his source code. So you'd also have to ship the bare source code with the compiled code.

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Add-on published!

Link removed - you cannot release our models without permission! If you try to release this anywhere else, we will report you. This includes adding the link to your youtube videos, please remove it immediately.

Edited by Mike
download link removed.

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Ya know, maybe LoadGamePL did release these models without permission, and although that part wasn't right, cut the guy some slack, it seems as though he is the only one moving forward with any kind of progress on SA lately. Seems that banning him instead of warning him is a little harsh though. I don't think the punishment fits the crime. My 2 cents.

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It wasn't a ban, it was a suspension. The suspension was removed as soon as the files were removed.

If someone releases a DIY guide on how to make the changes, we'd have nothing against it, but when that someone distributes other people's work without EVEN giving credit to the original authors, we might get a little upset, specially if that someone asked, got a negative, and did it anyway.

Even if the files are released free-of-charge, they're still OUR files, not public-domain. The owner has the right to choose how they're distributed and who distribures them.

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I'm disappointed that someone would still release it without permission even told no to (even though this is the Internet where stealing is much more serious). Carlos, I respect you and your work, but like how Tech E said, give the guy some slack. At least he released it because people have waited for something to spice up their download of BTTF SA. He made it more enjoyable.

Would something more like the release being only available on the site, perhaps? :o

Edited by the1upDude

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