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I know nothing about this kind of thing

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Well, I've recently just been playing San Andreas again, but I lost a very special vehicle (thanks to those glitchy garages) and since your mod allows me to continue with my saved games, others can too, so I got an idea.

Anyway, I found what I was looking for to get it again, but... I have absolutely no idea what this wants me to do. I know nothing about "CLEO", nothing, so can someone here fill me in?

This guy writes it like everyone should know. Here's the directions:


I think you should already know it. If not, put AllMissions.cs in folder \GTA San Andreas\CLEO and AllMissions - English.fxt or AllMissions - German.fxt in \GTA San Andreas\CLEO\CLEO_TEXT.

Whoosh, right over my head.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Its not my mod, but..

If i understand this correctly, you are trying to install a CLEO mod for San Andreas, right?

What you need to do in this case is:

- Visit the CLEO homepage

- Download CLEO 4 Library (v4.1.1.30f) (upper left hand corner)

- Install into SA (after install, there will be a folder named "CLEO" inside the SA folder)

- Copy the *.cs file into the CLEO folder (thats the mod)

- Copy one of the *.fxt files into the "CLEO\CLEO_TEXT" folder (text file of the mod)


If not:

What kind of idea are you talking about?

What were you exactly looking for?

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Thanks. I read around when I saw this topic wasn't getting answered and that's what I found. I made it work. CLEO is great, due to not having to remove your game.

Thanks though, this info would have helped had I not already gotten it. I appreciate it.

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