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Why Vice?

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GTA Vice City 2 was supposed to be in the E3 2010 line-up. But I think it was fake.

Ah i see. Didnt see it, but guess utll end up either VC, SA or London?

Could you help me i need some pointers i have a "flatbed" that is able to take cars but

would like to be able to switch the ramp and down not sure how?

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good question

good answer

Indeed. Wrong forum post aswell i guess. You see i got fed up with waiting for the boxville/topfun animation to come so i decided to my own way of carrying a delorean/hilux about.

Any one know the code for changing the "bus" to "maverick" key change?

Any chance of joining the team if i post some of my creations? LOL :lol:

Reason for edit: to ask about code.

Edited by Goingnowherefast

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I need some help from those more experienced than myself!

I know im double posting by doing this but no-noe has replied thus far!

Im looking to create a "new" VC/HV hybrid.

I have HD quality vehicles and improved particles and HUD.

Can't seem to figure out SCM too well and seem unable to place vehicles in

HV downtown square?

Can post pictures of progress so far if it helps?

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