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The Black Swordsman

Time machine start up/power down

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I have a question I've been wanting to ask for some time.

Firstly, I love the Delorean's sound effects; it has this metallic kind of hum to it. You captured it very well in the games; when you start it up, you can hear that zing and when you exit, you can hear it shut down.

But, I'm having problems with two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Start a new game. You create a BTTF1 Delorean; it's fine until you time travel that first time. Even if the car does not die, and you upgrade it, suddenly the start up and power down noises disappear. I have no clue why.

Scenario 2: Start a new game. You go to the future without using the Delorean (with the train) and there you are able to just create a part 2 or higher Delorean; from then on, the power on and down effects stay no matter what you do.

However, this doesn't work if you tried scenario 1 and that Delorean was destroyed and you create another (just starting a part 2); the sound effects still won't be there.

It seems that after time traveling in part 1 car (where you lose the plate), it just refuses to work after that.

I'm wondering what causes it; will it be fixed in later versions or what? It's such a good effect, it sucks to have it for so short a time; and you can't use the BTTF1 Delorean if you like it.

This is 0.2e too, by the way.

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