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Tutorial: How to change some starting Variables

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Here I'll sum up some small tutorials on how to edit small things, such as starting time and point, number of plutonium and limitation of the LCs.

At first, you need SannyBuilder and need to know some little things about how the engine works related to coding and how SannyBuilder works.

When you start SannyBuilder the first time, it is set to San Andreas mode:


Look at the lower right corner. If you wish to do codings for GTA:VC, you need to click on the text GTA: SA and choose GTA:VC.

Then you can click on the open icon and choose your GTA root folder in the dialog. There you click on data/ and doubleclick main.scm.

If already an main.txt in this folder exists, delete/rename it before you open the main.scm, this will save work later on!

Now you have successfully decompiled the main script of the game.

You will see many lines of code that you probably wont understand instantly, but this comes with the time. Now, being able to read and edit the lines, here are some small snippets on how to edit things:

Start Time:

Here you will learn how to edit the year, month, day, hour and minute you start ion the game.

Scroll the code down, till you find this:

$CYEAR = 2008 // integer values $CMONTH = 10 // integer values $CDAYT = 2 // integer values $CDAYO = 6 // integer values
Behind the single equal signs (
Hint: single equal signs always indicate that a variable is new set, double equal sings show that a variable gets read and compared
) you can modify the year, month and day, split up in two variables (tens and ones). For the time, look for this:
00C0: set_current_time 15 0
in this case are the hours, the
the minutes, change them to whatever you like. Additionally I suggest you adapt the settings for the eras the parked cars appear in, this only happens automatically after a timetravel. To do this, look for these lines:
$1955CAR = 0 // integer values $1985CAR = 101 // integer values $2015CAR = 0 // integer values $ALLCAR = 101 // integer values
Set them to whatever you like.
means that the car gets spawned unlimited times,
that it never appears.
stands for any car that does not belong into a specific era. The cars on the road should adapt automatically.
If you don't wish any further tutorials, skip to the end of this post.
Start Location:
Here you will learn how to modify the location at that you start in the game.
Scroll down the code till you reach this line:
$PLAYER_CHAR = Player.Create(#NULL, -304.5, -561.1, 14.0)
The three numbers behind
stand for x-,y-, and z-coordinates, whereas x the north-south direction, y the east-west direction and z the height is. If you think it is too complicated to think of these coords on your own (I think it myself, too), start the game while
is still running and go to the position of your choice. Then press
to minimize the game and delete the coordinates behind
. Right click and choose insert -> Player Coordinates. Finally check if there are commas between every coordinate.
If you don't wish any further tutorials, skip to the end of this post.
Amount of Plutonium:
Here you will learn how to change the amount of plutonium you have on start and how many you get when robbing the Libyans.
Scroll down the code till you find this line for the first time:
$PLUTONIUM = 0 // integer values
Change the
to whatever amount you like to have after starting a new game. Now scroll further down (about to a thread named
) and find this line:
$PLUTONIUM = 6 // integer values
Change this number to whatever amount of plutonium you would like to get when stepping in the marker.
If you don't wish any further tutorials, skip to the end of this post.
Limitation of the locationcircuits:
Here you will learn how to modify the number of times you need to have "The Ride" completed until you can use the locationcircuits in all time machines.
Scroll down the code till you find this line:
not $RIDE_PASSED >= 10 // integer values
Change the
to how many repetitions you want to have before you get the locationcircuits enabled on all time machines. To enable the locationcircuits on all timemachines by default, look for this line:
$DELOREAN_LOCATION = 0 // integer values

Set it to
in order to enable them after you start a new game.

Now having done these changes we need to compile the code so that GTA can read it. Once again look at the tab just above the textarea and check if there is written main.txt. If it is, just hit F6 and wait on SB's reaction. If you did everything correct, it shows a window saying how many coding space we have and how many we already used, separated in the main and mission section.

If the tab is not named main.txt compile it although, but remember the name written on the tab, let's take main[1].txt as an example. Now go to the data/ folder again and look for a file called the same as the text on the tab, only the extension must be *.scm, in our examle the file is named main[1].scm. Delete the xisting main.scm and rename main[1].scm to main.scm.

Now you're done!


I hope these little tutorials were helpful for you. If you still wish something else or have any other suggestions, feel free to post them here!

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can we change the TC to keypad or numbers on top of keyboard by editing the codes???? if yes.. then how??

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