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  1. thats the bttf4 fanfiction that continues on into 5 and 6. you didnt come up with this bagrisham. dont try and claim other peoples ideas as your own scott is supposedly marty and jennifers third child who they didnt have in the 2015 in bttf2 because they couldnt afford to raise a third kid. he ends up dating a female tannen and they steal the delorean that marty and doc hide in the alleyway during the whole cafe 80s thing and end up screwing up events AGAIN by pulling up behind marty when hes racing needles so when he hits reverse he crashes into the delorean, breaks his hand and the delorean is sent to 2050 or somthing with the kids inside. its a pretty good read but i wouldnt want to see movies made of them http://webspace.webring.com/people/wm/mikey7t4/ PART IV http://webspace.webring.com/people/nb/backtothefuture5/ PART V http://www.facebook.com/board.php?uid=154247496759 PART VI its in parts on a fb discussion board
  2. i dunno, i expected all the accents. the tones of voices? actually didnt expect dk to have an italian-american accent
  3. wow, i didnt expect any of you to sound the way you did. makes me wonder how some of you would react to my accent
  4. try making it to 20 without ever looking at p**n. THEN you can call doc a pervert
  5. if you actually read that wikipedia page rather than just looking at the title bio degradable plastic isnt being used that much, especially in america where theres restrictions put on them by the EPA. REAL clever
  6. no because you still dont beleive me that mr fusion could use rocks. might i also point out that not only are beer cans not bio degradable but plastic isnt either. bio degradable means its an organic substance that rots or decomposes when dead (because for material to be organic then it has to be alive at some stage in its existence) wether or not mr fusion is cool has nothing to do with this
  7. beer CANS are not biodegradable theyr made of aluminium, that is a mineral. fusion power is a real hypothesised form of energy generation, the idea is that you take matter and convert it to energy. and mr fusion is a fusion power generator. it isnt specific to biodegradables, it can use anything
  8. and do you want to explain with enough evidence to debunk my theory why you dont think it would work? matter to energy is a pretty simple equation and rocks are matter, mr fusion doesnt run off a specific material that is not how fusion power is supposed to work (i say supposed to because it hasent been invented yet but still has a name, like teleportation) you cant just say you dont think its possible because "they use garbage in the movies and rocks arent garbage therefore it wont workLOL" because that doesnt make any sense
  9. its matter isnt it? if it could run off some beer, an empty can and a bannana peel then it can run off rocks. it wont be like "oh no i dont detect any paper, aluminium or bannana peels so i cant run" it would be like "oh theres matter in me? i better convert that into electricity" my point is it wouldnt be specifically calibrated to only use specific materials as fuel. its a fusion engine it can use anything. you could cut your hand off and put it in there and it would run
  10. mr fusion is a fusion engine. it converts matter into energy. they were using trash in 1985, 1955 and 2015 because it was really easy to find. they could have used anything in 1885 they could just chuck a handful of rocks in there and it would work fine
  11. move. lol. youll be better off in a smaller country when the economic collapse happens anyway
  12. marty would never call doc emmet. he calls him doc, all the time.
  13. 2.20 for a hamburger over here. beef burgers are exactly the same thing. NZ mcds has a policy that they throw into sll their advertising that all of the beef is 100%, the eggs are legit, the milk is legit, the oil is veggie not animal, even the potatoes are legit. everything is sourced from inside NZ (where factory farming is illegal, at the moment at least) and beleive me when i say it tastes far better than anything theyll serve in american mcds
  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man emo thats the first time youv actually made me laugh. i cant think of any realistic wasy as to how the delorean time travels. and by that i mean there is absolutely no f***ing way to explain why 88 miles per hour is the magical speed that for some reason can tear the fabric of the universe. everything else could be rationally theorised but the 88 thing is completely insane