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  1. oh sup. my name was an awesome cartoon
  2. there was another earthquake in christchurch New Zealand a few weeks before. bout 200 people died and a couple national landmarks including the central cathedral (wich is a huge deal being that its called christchurch) was super scary s**t, i live in wellington new zealand and we were all crapping ourselves that we were gonna get hit aswell because weve been being told that we're going to get hit by "the big one" for years now, we get heaps of minor shakes on a regular basis but nothing that causes any damage. the japan earthquake on the other hand is absolutely staggering. my 16 year old sister was over there less than 2 months ago. scary scary s**t. good luck to them with rebuilding
  3. get a decent chunk of work done on a graphic novel im writing. get promoted at work or get a better job. get some f***ing music practice in.
  4. you were trying to say it was your idea "I was thining somewhere along the lines of , A sim find out that no matter what he/she does the controller will force her to do something else"
  5. i find RWJ really difficult to watch, his humor is really really rehearsed. i dont think he's that funny. Will Ferrel is funnier and he isn't even close to being the funniest man in the world either
  6. they dont have to, its called symbolism
  7. you dont need to know why their world is like that. its a video game, thats all you needa know
  8. hes not saying that theyr incorrect hes saying you are, you havent started this course yet so you have no idea what the deal with 3ds and maya is all you know is that they told you that maya is the industry standard, wich is true, its just that 3ds is used too
  9. kocher just so you know, the problem with the nick and disney sitcoms isnt that you cant relate to them its the p**s poor acting, hollow and predictable plot devices, tacky production quality, the list goes on. thats the sort of stuff you talk about in a review. and it should be at least a good 500-600 words long. Scott pilgrim vs the world is a wicked movie, if you didnt like it then you obviously completely missed the point of it. part of that point is that the entire movie from start to finish is supposed to be just like a retro beat em up platformer video game with each of the seven Xs as a level boss. the whole movie is filmed in a pseudo real fast paced way that adds to this effect, what you describe as "all over the place" is one of the best things about the movie. i could go on and on but really cant be bothered. watch it again and pay full attention to everything in the movie, and try and spot all the little jokes. like the Kramer scene
  10. thats the bttf4 fanfiction that continues on into 5 and 6. you didnt come up with this bagrisham. dont try and claim other peoples ideas as your own scott is supposedly marty and jennifers third child who they didnt have in the 2015 in bttf2 because they couldnt afford to raise a third kid. he ends up dating a female tannen and they steal the delorean that marty and doc hide in the alleyway during the whole cafe 80s thing and end up screwing up events AGAIN by pulling up behind marty when hes racing needles so when he hits reverse he crashes into the delorean, breaks his hand and the delorean is sent to 2050 or somthing with the kids inside. its a pretty good read but i wouldnt want to see movies made of them http://webspace.webring.com/people/wm/mikey7t4/ PART IV http://webspace.webring.com/people/nb/backtothefuture5/ PART V http://www.facebook.com/board.php?uid=154247496759 PART VI its in parts on a fb discussion board
  11. battlefront is about events that happen in the movies though?
  12. so jen rather than coming in here and pretending it was your idea you should have just posted that video in the youtube topic
  13. mid april 1985. i'd wanna take all of my personal belongings with me. tv, clothes, guitars, drums, computer, xbox, games, furniture etc and set myself up in a dingy flat in hollywood somewhere and start going to random gigs on the sunset strip and try and get a band together if all went to plan then it would be worht leaving my current life behind, not that i dont love it or anything, i just wanna be part of the golden age of hard rock. @swordsman, with your whole woman situation, remember fate doesnt exist and you can find somone else. nobody is made for eachother it all boils down to social adaptbility and confidence. listen to this