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  1. do what i do, just upload them to mediafire or some other hosting site, avoid copyrights that way, atleast thats what i do as ive got so many peoples mods in my mods ive edited and so forth, but its up to you, i myself could care less about copyrights or permission, but then again who really does in this hobby? anyways you can always give it out via email or something to those who want it for personal use, then if they decide to upload it without permission or whatever then they get the blame, not you, but thats up to you too, anyways best of luck, thanks and peace
  2. well if you want a real ghostbusters mod other then models then i suggest you starting making custom textures, models and codes because trance said hes not doing any codes, just converting stuff, but yes having a ghostbusters mod would be awesome, with features for the proton packs, ghost traps, ekg meters and etc, possible but a b**ch to do id say, no idea, but still would be nice, plus if someone would convert the other characters and ghosts like the stay puft marshmallow man, the other ghosts and stuff from the game then it would be cool, also convert the fire station and etc, but to each his own, wish somebody would but oh well, anyways thanks and peace
  3. ban ban ban ban ban ban, stay away from this place you f***ing noob, and be banned forever, ahahhahahahahha, you f***ing b**ch, LEAVE US ALONE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!

  4. both for me, love them both, all of the deloreans are awesome and the tt is too, but the del is best, not sure which, prob part 1 or 2, cause id rather haul ass ina del then fly a huge ass train, just not rly something id do, i mean thats like having the titanic as a car, well maybe not that size lol, but still none the less, rly it woildnt be much diffrent then a bus, bout 20 feet more id say, there are vehicles the size if not bigger then the tt, buses are pretty close, and there street legal, but rly, looking out ya window and seeing a train driving on wheels, common, kinda weird if ya ask me, and scary, something of that size and weight driving ona road, i mean it is possable, hell most semis with trailers are the size of the train if not bigger, plus the coal cart is movable like a semi trailer, to a point or could be made to, so rly its possable, just not realistic, eather way ima car nut, id rather be going 110 ina del then flying 110 ina train, anyways just my say, to each his own, anyways ttyl peace
  5. uh i said i was wrong lol, read the edit section lol
  6. wrong car for the green one lol, looks like you took the easy way out lol, plz convert the correct cars man, if not oh well, tho id hope ya would, anyways looking good as usual, keep it up, ttyl peace edit: oh ima dumbass lol, theres 2 green cars, tho the one at the bottom is like the brown, so im sry, i didnt notice the other green lol, anyways good job man
  7. i think he had a glitch lol, it happends to me sometimes and probably everyone else, so give em a break lol, anyways dk, i think ppl can read man lol, trance said there not done, and that stuff needs fixing, so leave em be and let him do his thing , anyways ive said enough bs, keep it up trance, cant wait to see the final versions, anyways ttyl peace
  8. oh boo hoo mark lol, i said i was wrong alright, just drop it, geez, anyways hows it going with what i said trance? any luck yet? anyways ttyl peace
  9. @mike - i said i was wrong, so theres no need to post all that lol @uokka - yes what i said is correct, ya just gotta fiddel around the the sizes to get what you want @trance - well thanks man, im ok at modding, and ye gtaforums sucks but some tuts there are helpful in some ways lol, and yes i mean make a box model and put it into the middel of the dummy and then link it to the dummy, only for the rf wheel, the rest just attach your wheels to the dummys, and mirrior the left side wheels to be facing same direction as right side, and thats it, just give it a try, if i have to ill make a tut on this but i dont think ill have to, best way to learn is what i did, import a semi from sa and see how its done, or a car mod that is the same way, anyways good luck man, ttyl peace
  10. lol what? you didnt know you can do that? dude the wheels on there dels are bigger in the back, you can even have 4 diffrent wheels, none the same, just gotta do the trick that everyone knows, where ya make a small box with gta material named wheel, then you put it inside the wheel_rd dummy and link it to that dummy, you also have to link each diffrent wheel to its dummy, its what plp do for semis, i mean semis have diffrent wheels front and back, and sometimes diffrent sizes as well, and theres 4 wheels tool, you also have to flip the direction of the left side wheels to be facing the the same as the right, mirror them, they will move farther inward but its normal ingame, but ye it is possable man, ive done it before and thats how i have, and the wheels change sizes via vehicles.dat and models, its not like gta 4 where its only the model that matters, and wont change in dat files, its models and the dat files on sa, but i cant beileve you didnt know this lol, you should google this, goto gtaforums or something, then youll know im right lol, or atleast i think so, anyone else here whos good with vehicles can tell ya this, same thing i just said or simular, anyways thats how ive done it before and ima s**tty modder, so just google this for more info and try it out, anyways hope i helped, and good luck man, anyways ttyl peace btw trance why did you remove me from facebook? plz add me back, if ya dont mind, or link me to your account, eather way works, anyways ttyl peace
  11. ye i see that now, well i was half wrong lol, there almost the same size, but theres are to big in the back, well imo, but ye there not much bigger, maybe half a size bigger, theres are to big tho, deff to wide, but not rly a big deal, now part 3 wheels are same size, but the acctual del wheels from 1 and 2 are slightly bigger in the back, anyways i was wrong, oh well, anyways ttyl peace
  12. well they are the same size, yours are all wrong, to big wheels in back, there all the same lol, idk how yall keep making that mistake but that should be fixed, and dont say im wrong cause i ant, there same size, always have been even on normal deloreans, now some do have bigger wheels but thats just replicas, in the movies there same size, idk if yall do the bigger wheels for looks or what but it ant right, anyways add me to the list trance, would love to have your work, all of it, not just the del eather, but w/e your offering will do, anyways ttyl peace
  13. nice job man, keep it up, but what about the rest of the stuff, other weapons and gadgets, other proton packs, other ghosts and ect, would love to see everything in sa from that game, anyways eather way ya doing great, cant wait for more , and im not a coder, so no dont ask me for help lol, i can edit some stuff yes, but ima s**tty coder, and yes sadly sirens and lights for the police are hard coded, unless ya replace a emergency vehicle or download the emergency lights mod and edit it, then there wont be any sirens and lights of sa emergency vehicles, anyways thats not my field of expertise, so idk, anyways ttyl peace
  14. i think ya should convert all the weapons and proton packs man, and all the diffrent ghosts and so forth, make it a big mod, convert the firehouse too, well the interior since the exteriors never shown cept in cutscenes, but ye ya should convert the other proton pack versions, and the gun too, and somehow make the effect, and someone make missions to chase ghosts, then itll rly be gb , anyways if not its cool, just an idea, anyways id hope so man, anyways ttyl peace
  15. well what can ya do? ya said not models, so if not that then what? rly i need a coder but that will have to wait as far as dukes mod goes, its vehicles that need made, well whats left anyways, i can do them but dont rly want to, ive done nearly 200 already over a year and a half, and theres close to 100 to go, so i rly dont wanna do the rest, takes to long alone, plus some arent 3ds max, there zmod, and thats out of my leauge, i dont use zmod, just max, well i managed to convert some cars to gta 4 with zmod, but serious stuff like mapping and making alotta edits i cant, i use and prefer max, but if ya can just tell me what all ya can do, and ill tell ya if ya will be able to help, as for me i suppose ima start back on dukes for abit, do some more vehicles, anyways just let me know ok? anyways ttyl thanks and peace
  16. thanks man means alot, and its ok np, see ppl, if yall could be a lil nice, acctually offer to help plp like me out instead of being a dick about it or saying youll help and not then i might not be such an as**ole on the matter, but hey, thats not my problem, im just another modder tring to make mods, and sadly alone, with lil help here and there, modding has gone down hill and it sucks, well modders has anyways, to many self riteious wanna be the best f**k everyone else modders, and not enough hey ill help ya screw those as**ole modders ppl, and im not saying i havent been a dick here and there, we all have, but ffs plp, why not help anyone out? is it rly to much for us to ask you pros for help, without being an as**ole and saying do it by yaself? rly? common plp ffs, anyways im done b**ching, for now, and its not like i want ya to do everything at once really quickly, all i ask is for help when ya can and do what ya can, thats it, no pressure, no rush, but i cant even get that, its sad rly so many plp who try and be the best there is instead of helping a fellow modder out, its so f***ing patetic plp, childish s**t, but anyways to those who rly care and help others out thanks, to the others, well f**k you, anyways ttyl peace
  17. ye dukes mod is still around, havent worked on it ina while tho, tired of not getting any help, so i just up and quit, ive done edited close to 200 cars, and its time someone else start doing them, so untill someone offers to do the remaining vehilces and theres alot then the mod will be on hold, ive done my part, no more, not untill someone helps me out instead of everyone saying to f**k with me and not helping, so if anyone out there wants any of my mods completed then ya best help me out, im no longer gonna do it alone, im sick of as**ole modders who wont help other modders and tell em to do it themselves, well if thats how modding is now, a solo route then f**k it, i will not stand by while everyone else gets help and i dont, its bulls**t, anyways for anyone who wants to help me then plz do so, tell me, and accutally help and not just say ya will then quit cause your busy, eather you help me when ya can no matter how busy you are or not at all, im sick of all the noobs, i will only take pro modders, or damn good ones who knows what th- *boom* there doing, not some childish noob dumbass, so plz help me out, someone, ive been asking for 5 years now yet no help yet, lil things here and there but these arent small mods, there TC mods plp, cant be done by one person, its impossable, so plz help me out ffs, anyways sry to sound like a dick but im sick of as**ole modders who say they gonna do something and then dont, or try and be a better modder and not help others out, this isnt a race plp, anyone who thinks modding is a race to be the best there is shouldnt even be modding period, its not about whos the best, its about making stuff plp will like, now im not against making something good, no way, but being an as**ole and not helping others cause you want to be the best is f***ing childish, so how about helping out your fellow modders instead of being a stuck up b**ch about it? huh? anyone? anyways ttyl peace
  18. lol i knew it, well that sucks, but oh well, ah ill be fine without bttf, got my own mods and so on to do, plus non modded samp is fine for me, dont wanna get banned or w/e, anyways thanks and peace
  19. thanks, but wats the last 4 codes cause it keeps saying recieving data, also i take it psw is the password? if so thanks, anyways let me know ok, also do i need to install the mod, if so what version, i have latest, 1.3.1 or w/e plus the latest sourcecodes, just let me know ok that, anyways ttyl thanks and peace uhm thinking about it i dont think thats the real ip, as i think the sucker part was a joke? cause idk of any ip like that, cleaver, i fell for it lol, good job on the 12345678910, and well if this is a joke, then what th- *boom* is the real ip lol, no jokes this time i rly wanna play lol, anyways let me know, ttyl peace
  20. lol man, i just wanna know the ip and what th- *boom* i need to play on mp is all i wanna know, so plz someone tell me, and the others that dont know if there are any lol, anyways just let me know when ya can someone, would like to know, and ye dont be lazy, tell me ffs, not trying to sound mean im just tring to get the point across i hate plp not anwsering my questions, kinda rude imo, i mean i could see ya not anwsering if was to ask how many chick ya have slept with but im not asking, uhm, those kinda questions....ye forget i said that XD, anyways ill ttyl peace
  21. can someone plz anwser my questions and tell me the ip for the server and what all i need, and where to download the files for the mp, if there is any, cause i rly wanna play this, i just need to know what all i need, links to w/e it is i need, and if ya need to mod installed or w/e, anyways plz get back to me, thanks and peace
  22. so yall still got a samp and or vcmp ip, and if so what are the ips? i mean one that works cause last time i tried which was like 2 years ago i couldnt get on, anyways just figured id ask this, also is the server done, if not can ya say how much is done in percent? or whats left, and ect, anyways ill ttyl peace
  23. @flux ye man almost all my posts are very very long, i like to get it all out of the way in 1 huge post instead of 10+ small posts that just take up space in topics, plus i talk alot but rly i cant help it, ive always talked alot, idk why i just do, and this post is another long post because of these XD :o :D :rolleyes: :) :) :lol: ok thats good XD, anyways ttyl peace couldnt put my 50 smiles cause of limit so short post gahh
  24. yeah gtarandom and the others are doing an excelent job on vice 4, the sa mod by city poke looks great as well, but like with all tc mods it takes time, patience and skill to do a great mod but so far there doing a great job, anyways ill ttyl peace