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  1. I DON'T GUARANTEE THIS WON'T MAKE THE GAME CRASH, BUT THEY DO WORK ME SilentPatch - This fixes lot of issues present in VC for example road reflections when it's raining Widescreen fix - Better support for Widescreen resolutions ie.crosshair misaligning fix, correct FoV, proper HUD scaling, etc. (hover your cursor over the image to see the old ugly scaling) GInput - XInput controller support. vibrations etc. Ped Speed Patch - Not as important, but this fixes peds rarely speaking For more VC issues I recommend to visit PCGW page of the game Hope you guys find this post useful!
  2. Just posting to say the car looks awesome and hopefully it'll get SA version as well.
  3. Sounds like a great idea. I like StarGate
  4. Did you try untick read-only?
  5. Welcome back. We've been missing you
  6. Stargate in GTA SA? what th- *boom*! You are great
  7. Blackbird

    Railroad Delorean

    It was discussed on old forums http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum2/ind...?showtopic=1319
  8. Yeah VCS has SCM and you can edit it by Sanny builder. Models can't be changed,but you can swap them by YAIE And NO.VC and VCS has different engines
  9. Blue already made TT code for GTA VCS,because friend of mine asked her,but she can't compile it without VCS.So I didn't test it yet EDIT:Wow in every topic I reply everyone is quiet
  10. I guess this is team's photobucket account,but it's password protected ^^ http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj292/bttfhillvalley
  11. WTH!That is fuc*in awesome
  12. Ok then why post it to modeling thread if it's not for mod?
  13. These models are already modeled
  14. That was GTA SOL.It is mod which add Liberty and SA in VC engine
  15. Awesome!HV will be here in no time