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  1. Well, maybe it's how i installed my vice city, i've installed it to a folder, and left it unmodded, then i copied it's folder to a new one, with the name BTTF Hill Valley, installed the mod and addons to this copy, and installed CLEO to this folder as well, and the original game folder left untouched, the Windows registry keys are pointing to the untouched folder, so maybe that works for you guys as well.
  2. Try making a clean install of Vice City, then installing CLEO and my mod, and at last installing BTTF Hill Valley 0.2f full installation, with no other mods whatsoever, nor any addon to the 0.2f, except the Hill Valley downtown addon, this is the only one that doesn't crash the game. Create a new game, and enjoy.
  3. Sure thing, we could have lots of future cars, and past cars as well, we could even make other eras, like, make each decade, and even add carts to the 1880 era Thats really awesome, and what´s best, the custom added cars can be used in scm scripting, so it wouldn´t be too hard to code eras! One thing i always wanted tho, and never could look into, is the animation of the wheels when you use the SEAWAYS code, the wheels tunr like Delorean´s for the car to be able to float, if we could make a code or mod that enables this animation, then it would be a lot easier to make cars fly. This could be implemented in Maxo´s car loader as a line in those flts to make cars turn the wheels in this way.
  4. This is really odd, i tested with several pcs, and it worked well, make sure though, that you dont have any other cleo mods installed, it is not compatible with other cleo mods, not that i tested all, but it's best that you leave only the sleep inducer files in your cleo folder.
  5. How to use it, once you pick it up, RMB to aim, LMB to shoot if the pickup is not appearing, then you have not installed CLEO for Vice City, you must verify if it is the vc version, people often mistake sa and vc versions. But, what exactly do you mean by "nothing happens"?
  6. The EZ-SLEEP addon is now available for download here: DOWNLOAD! you will also need CLEO for Vice City, which you can find here: CLEO HOME Just extract all of the "CLEO" subfolder from the mod's contents into CLEO folder in your vc directory, open gta3.img in your GTAVC/models folder using any img editor, delete camera.dff and camera.txd, and add the ones that came with this package, at last, replace your ped.ifp into the GTAVC/anim folder, with the one that came with this package, ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS!!!! The pickup you can know where it is by watching the video, enjoy! If by any unknown reason the model doesnt appear right, you gotta replace it by the original camera.dff, i hope you made a backup, and then re-replace it by mine, really replace, not delete and add. Thank you all for downloading and for the support.
  7. The rain might not be on the same channel, but Jennifer's voice is, i tried editing all i could, and isolating frequencies, but nothing worked well enough, i guess i'll have to make a sound from scratch, if i figure out how they did it for the film.
  8. Any idea on how to make it animated? no weapon in vc is animated, that i know... Maybe the minigun?
  9. That's it, version 1.0 is finished (sort of) i just couldn't get the right sound for it, but it turned out good so far, check the video:
  10. That's what i did, thanks! alot! PS: look at my previous post, for the finished model.
  11. Yeah, it worked for the texture, thanks bro, now it apeears ingame, but, some faces of the model disappear, all of them are triangles, i've checked that, the normals are right, what could it be? EDIT: Forget about it, i fixed it, thanks for the help and support you all, without you i wouldn't be able to do this have a look at the finished model:
  12. First, i extracted the dff and txd from the archive, using IMG Tool, next, i extracted the camera.bmp from the txd, using TXD Workshop, i fired up Max, imported the dff with the Kam's scripts, and skinned the object, with the camera.bmp, wich i've previously extracted, then, i exported from max in 3ds format, for me to be able to edit it with Blender, i opened up the .3ds file, edited the model, it is still skinned up to this time, after i edited, i exported once more as 3ds, opened it up in Max, and exported as dff, it was still skinned in max, then, i opened up the img archive, deleted the dff, and the txd, added my dff and txd, rebuilt the archive, fired up VC, and the texture is not there.
  13. Yeah, i've made the textures and replaced the txd, but somehow, the txd is not attached to the model. Like, it is on Max, but then it's not in the game. ????
  14. yeah, i mentioned bump, no one posted for about a week, so... And thanks, but, does anyone knows hwo to put the textures in game? I´ve been trying by all means, but couldn´t do it.