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  1. Yes, because the server is restarted.
  2. mwnetnt.homeserver.com:7778 This is the I.P. for both servers, VC-MP server is offline, working on it.
  3. Chris was a man of his word, he is involved . "Uuuh yeah, yeah, no no" quite the badass eh?, I love Chris' expressions haha.
  4. Indi.


    Well basically because not many people were on the server and people got bored really quickly with it, plus the server that I was paying for cost a lot of money, then I stopped paying as the server didn't get many players.
  5. Indi.


    Post here for your ideas on what I should do: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/inde...view=getnewpost Thanks!
  6. I'm gonna try and make something of this, I'm trying to reboot everything of it, like gamemodes and stuff e.t.c., and keeping the time travel fun with it, post your ideas here, as soon as it reaches up to page 2 full of ideas, I'll ask Mike to lock it and we'll discuss what to do .
  7. Indi.


    I'm on MSN now, so uh, tell me when you're on. @Joe: Hey . How ya been? I haven't got SA-MP installed yet, I'll make MP work for the latest one.
  8. Hi, you probably don't remember me, because I haven't been here in a long while, and half of the old members have seemed to have disappeared. Anyway, I'm Doctor Emmett L. Brown also known as Indi., and I want to start up MP again, but I need to have a chat with Mike to work all of this out. If you read this Mike, and if you have Steam, please chat with me and I will arrange something with you with Multiplayer if you're still interested. Steam ID: indi_ Cheers, and Hello there to all.
  9. Does uuh anyone want MP going again, next time I can get this project up and running would be Wednesday, if that's cool with you?
  10. It's on the first post... Downloads
  11. Added the SA-MP server to the "Hosted" tab on the SA-MP client, hosted by serverFFS.
  12. Haha, nice picture. Big thanks to Archer for pinning this!
  13. Correct, and you know the reference? Nice!
  14. Back to the Future: Hill Valley Multiplayer is back folks, and it now is on IP for San Andreas Multiplayer server: Max Players: 100 IP: mwnetnt.homeserver.com:7778 Server is offline. Easy way of finding the server would be to look in the "Hosted" tab, less confusion as there is not as many servers in the "Hosted" tab as the "Internet" tab. IP for Vice City Multiplayer server: Max Players: 50 IP: mwnetnt.homeserver.com:5192 Server is offline. You have to install V0.2x of VC-MP for BTTF:MP to work, new versions of VC-MP have resulted in instability of the MP mod. Minor Update will be done to the VC-MP server shortly. The VC-MP server does not have many features as the SA-MP one does, the VCO server really is only for people who don't own SA, or would rather play VC than SA. Back to the Future: Hill Valley - Multiplayer Made by Doctor Emmett L. Brown (Indi.) and the BTTF: HV Team! The "Back to the Future: Hill Valley" team, and Doctor Emmett L. Brown have been developing something that has never been done before, it's a Multiplayer mod for BTTF: HV on SA-MP and VC-MP. This takes the player inside multiplayer, while offering the chance to interact with other forum members/admins! Features: Choose your location Time Circuits Change Your Time Team: Doctor Emmett L. Brown - Multiplayer Leader/Server Admin/PAWN scripting timetrain - Server Admin Mike - Linux Server Hosting (24/7 Server Online)/Server Admin Evilrex - Tester/Code Fixer Contributers: thomas11170 - Helping me out with the co-ordinations, thanks! Blue - Thanks for all the codes, now we got real MP thanks Blue Anonymous - For giving is the BTTF: SA mod ELBdelorean - Helping port forwarding the SA-MP/VC-MP Server(s) Downloads: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/inde...p?showtopic=210 IP for SA-MP server: mwnetnt.homeserver.com:7778 IP for Vice City Multiplayer server: mwnetnt.homeserver.com:7778 We Hope You Enjoy This Video! Video Made by Gamer The server is 24/7 that means it will be available at all time, have fun and... Greetings from the BTTF: HV Team.
  15. Sorry for the double post... It's now back up... Increased player slots on VCO server to "14"! Also have added the SA-MP server to the hosted lists on serverFFS.com
  16. Right, thanks. Anyway, I'll be activating the SA-MP server. 30 mins or so.
  17. I thought Blue added that? It's called "Cleo", a script add-on for SA. VCO Server now online 24/7, IP: and the port: 3060 Download Vice City Multiplayer installation, the server's no good that much, but for people who own VC and not SA, can use that. I'll activate the SA-MP server in a mo.
  18. I edited, some of the files. Also added some scripts of my own. It's not a joke.
  19. Let me clear this up. It's coming back when the new version of the BTTF SA mod is released, it's been known for a long time between me and Mike. None of you are hosting a server with the files without permission from me, end of. I guess we could try the BTTF VC mod on VCO now...
  20. I kept asking people but, noooooooooo "I cant d0 it because I have t0 eat bab1eess lol1111!!" seriously though, no-one went on it, the only succesful one was Blue's server
  21. But I'm not going to put my PC on just for that, although after seeing something Mike posted over MSN, I may start it back up, that's if we get a better. Audience
  22. I would like to not look at this project any further... now you shut it, I don't want to be involved with it anymore, lock it ffs...
  23. It's dead, I think it's closed it's doors for good, I can't even find the files on my computer, so Locked I think I'll ask Mike to keep this forum though, incase anything DOES happen in the future
  24. Trust me it has closed it's doors for good/temporarily. Not sure yet. I don't know. Because it was hardly active, no-one was on there so I just left it