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  1. Not as cool but need support to made it happen. http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/96
  2. If you haven't bought Tell Tale Games's Back to the Future, Steam has the game on sale for $12.49 (50% OFF!!) http://store.steampowered.com/app/31290/
  3. Update: steam://install/94520 The install is working on Steam, but servers are too busy.
  4. GUESS WHAT GUYS!!!! EPISODE 4 is not on my steam list. That means IT COMES OUT ON APRIL 29, TOMORROW!!!
  5. Steam has Episode 2 is Available. And I already finish it. It was awsome. I few eastereggs in this episode.
  6. This guy. Sorry for the quality. It happens when you resize. Lucky I have digital copies, and pull it up easily.
  7. It is a cut-scene. Just to put a note the game has been released on steam. http://store.steampowered.com/app/31290/
  8. I am impress about the detail telltale did to the Delorean and the Time equipment.
  9. Lets see. Edit: It has a shine.
  10. Can you make the Delorean return to CJ. It does far off in the distance to land.
  11. The hat is nice. I like to have 2015 vest jacket. On a side note, Topic has been clean up.
  12. Is the blu-ray set going to have the dvd and digital copy also? Already planning to get blu-ray version and will get standard dvd one too if it doesn't come like a combo.
  13. If you running Windows Vista and 7 you have to you go the "Program Files (x86)/Rockstar Games/". Right-click on "Grand Theft Auto Vice City", go to "Properties". In the "General" tab look at the bottom to "Attributes" and unclick Read-Only. Retry the installation again. And Again this is not a support forum use the Bug Tracker for Support.
  14. Any Successful BTTF / CLEO news?
  15. Any videos under Mikes account are not official videos. So with that knowledge "Fuel" feature is still unsupported/not going to be in 0.2f feature.
  16. I have never seen a delorean, But I my mom has.
  17. BTTF Forever That was excellent, I wondering if Mike will allow me to put this in the Video Gallery under Misc to keep it. Maybe have it uploaded to photobucket if copyright kicks in, if youtube deletes it.
  18. But if you look out the door when Seamus coming it it is dark out and it is moon light.
  19. Marty was sent back to 1885 at 8:00 am Marty is knock out for atleast 6 hours. It be about 2:30 pm-ist before marty wakes up. Maybe the light for the time of day is off.
  20. In BTTF 2 and BTTF 3, the am and pm was switched around http://www.outatime.it/ritornoalfuturo/fra...x.php?cs=174200 http://www.outatime.it/ritornoalfuturo/fra...=100200&p=3 I notice this a long time ago.