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  1. Wait you want us to put it on steam? That would require us to buy a License from Universal to do that. Does Steam even allow mods in the shops store like that (free I mean)? Whole different game? What game, what engine? Port all the work to another engine that won't be using the same sound, particle setup etc. The models could be moved. But all the mod game code can't just go BOOM works. I don't deal with VC game code. But can it be converted to Python, C++, or whatever that engine does? Again, what game/engine would satisfy the HV mode. I seriously would like a list. Cause I can't think of anything off the top of my head.

    I'm just giving a suggestion anyway, no offense. unity and unreal engine (unreal development kit for the free version) can do such a great thing in my mind. To me, if you wanna look your game a bit cartoonish, you can use unity as a great partner of your development progress. or if your game wanna look a bit serious, use unreal engine instead (I give this opinion because I'm judging from the shader type of each game engine). you can use your assets (3d models, particles, maps, and etc), but not your code if you want to migrate it to game engine. you have to recode it in C#, Javascript or Boo if you're using unity, and unrealscript (if i'm not mistaken) for unreal engine.

    PS: At the time when I gave that comment, I didn't think about getting the license from Universal studios. XD

  2. no, I don't think that's a good idea. IMO, I just want you guys to make it into a whole different game. But the genre of the game I suggest should be a bit the same as GTA generally, TPS + driving car ability. Put it on steam and you'll make a budget. I know it's hard for you all to make a great mod without even having a single cent (other than having the money from donation). GTA modding nowadays is so outdated and of course you'll encounter a lot of compatibility issues. that's just my opinion

  3. It will be released when it's ready and not before, rushing it out is what caused 0.2e to be a failure.

    However, here's a progress update of sorts:

    Detail lowering on all non relavent vehicles - Owner: Mark Status: In progress, completion estimate 2 - 3 months.

    Hill Valley Town Square revamp - Owner: DK/Liam Status: In progress, completion estimate 3 - 4 months.

    Hmmm.... In my predict it seems that the mod will be completed in 11/12 September 2009 or back again to 26 October 2009. Yeah between that 2 date.