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  1. lol good point about the train. We all seem to forget about that factor
  2. the game is based in May 1986. Doc could have easily made up some new plates which were made of aluminum in the time he had between the story lines. He did have time to fix the amp marty blew up.
  3. The delorean was never driven around in plain sight in 1955 and 1885 Where the Delorean can be in plain sight in 1985 as it is a modern day car then. But in 1955 and 1885 it didn't even exist.
  4. Yeah but Doc can't be driving around in 1986 with number plates from 2015 on the Delorean.
  5. there was no delay that's just them showing the 2 things happening at the same time with different camera shots, just to show the watcher everything that is happening!
  6. I believe thye were only added when flying was added on the BTTF-2 delorean.
  7. NEVER? I might be willing to look into it and see what I can do if it's ok with the mod team. It would be a fairly difficult task but I might see what I can get done with MTA.
  8. for it to work proply special functions would have to be made for the scripting. like OnPlayerTimeTravel checks and stuff and that's not too easily acheivable, but it is doable. Now if you were to script it in SAMP it would require 5,255,474,400 virtual worlds thats for each minute of each day for 9999 years. Now thats 3,155,474,400 more virtual worlds than SAMP has but it's easily scriptable to only use a maximum of 500 virtual worlds by only sending users to worlds when they are required and not hogging an entire world to one minute. So it's doable in SAMP but it's a b**ch of a job to do. Although we would have to get ourselves a cracked copy of SAMP where mods are accepted so we cna see all the special effects and everything. Unless we use MTA where mods are server side and it should be doable in there too but i'm not as familar with MTA scriptign as I am SAMP so I have no idea about it.
  9. the best charging solution would be some sort of shaking charger. You see them in kids toys where they shake an item to make it light up or something so simply fitting these to the shoes would mean it's charging the entire time you walk, jog or run. In the end the motor would only be running 10-15 seconds a day so it wouldn't require much charge.
  10. Haven't heard anything for a few days man, any progress?
  11. it made me get out my old copy of operation genesis and now I have ben playing it for hours Looking forward to this mod.
  12. very nice, do you plan on turning the kiosk into a burger shot or something?