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  1. On 9/10/2019 at 12:30 PM, peter said:

    I can't get this to work at all!


    So what happens is I click the bttf-hv.exe and the game runs, it soft locks my computer on a black screen so I have to force a reset (I can't CTRL+ ALT + DEL to access task manager or sign out)

    The base game itself works just fine until I install the mod


    The rig I'm using is :


    ryzen 2700x CPU

    16GB DDR4 RAM

    GTX 1060 6 GB mini

    and the game + mod is being run off an NVME M.2 drive ( not M.2 SSD)


    dunno if you have fixed this problem but there's an exe killer to manually kill the crashed GTA VC process, i think it was bundled into the BTTF HV install location and all?