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  1. Thanks, I knew it would bottle down to that eventually.
  2. Its a shame then. Maybe Rockstar overall won't care but maybe an ex developer might. Look for one!!! If this mod is ever perfected it will be the first video game to actually have a virtual working time machine! Heck this kind of game is new to the games industry. What the mod has done so far is awesome and no offical company I don't think would have the balls to take on something so complex as this. I'd help expand the engine myself if I only knew how. Heck, I wish I could help you expand the mod. Keep up the good work anyways, I'm sure something will crop up, it does always eventually.
  3. Thanks there for that. About the engine not being able to hack it, would it be possible for you to find a Rockstar developer who worked on Vice City at all? I mean, someone has to like BTTF at Rockstar, and this mod most probably has caught their eye. Maybe they would know how to add things to the engine? Its possible to add new features to a game so surely it must be easy enough to add new parts to the engine.
  4. My CPU is Quad Core 2.4Ghz, 4GB DDR2 RAM, 512GDDR5 RAM ATI 4800. I installed the 0.2e from 0.2b does that make a difference, are all versions added one after the other? Or does each version need to be installed one after the other, if not what is the update to fix. I've got frame limiter on, draw distance max. The game also crashes frequently as well, even when just flying. Something is wrong with my game I think, or the versions of the mod aren't right with my game.
  5. Is is possible to fix the bug please where there are two or more DeLoreans or time machines that have been sent in time minus the player please. For instance I sent one to Feb 13th 2009 3:01pm (BTTF3 DeLorean) and another (BTTF2 DeLorean) to 1 minute after that. I then went and put a DeLorean in the garage to make a BTTF2 DeLorean, before I could the game crashed. Is there some kind of conflicting code in the mod or something? I know I'm pushing the mod by doing this but I think it would be awesome. Also is it possible to reactivate the MP3 please or can you provide any code to do that, if its been disabled in a text file or something. PS. How complicated would it be to get coding for this: Send a DeLorean to 2:01pm, then another to the same time and another and another over and over, and yourself constantly going to the same time? Would it be possible for you to actually duplicate Matry's (players) motion through 2:01pm all the different number of times he is there? Say for instance my first self is going in a circle at the airport while my second self is going in a rectangle shape, my 3rd self in a square shape and that each time after I go back I can see my earlier selves. And it stores all my ventures through time and then replays them when I'm in that same time. Sort of like recording the times I'm in, detecting when I go to that time and then recreating my exact movements. Would that be possible at all? And say if you collide with one of yourselves, the game crashes on purpose and says 'PARADOX!' At least you'd have an excuse for a crash lol.
  6. Ok, thanks very much. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Great mod, this is a timeless mod (goes off singing). Ok, did the frame rate and put it on limited and there are still the same problems.
  7. Not sure where to put this so I though here my be best. I'm having an annoying problem that I've looked on this forum for and I can't find a solution. Vice City is showing the distance graphics when I'm actually at the area that they are shown. For example, just past the bridge of starfish island going to the island with sunshine autos, the distance road shows over the regular road. And needless to say it is just about car height. The is the same when going everywhere. There are pocket areas with these draw distance textures. One is quite troublesome at the garbage tip site where you get the plutonium. I can't see where I'm going in it, hardly anyway. I've installed all the updates in chronological order of their release and this problem has not been solved. Its really annoying. Thanks for any help. And thanks for making a great mod. Keep up the good work!