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  1. Well then what am I supposed to do with all these weapons you guys added?
  2. While I don't think technically this is a bug, it's always kind of bugged me that there's no blood in this mod and doing literally anything immediately jumps you up to a 5 star wanted level. I realize this might be to make this family friendly or something and discourage random killing but at the same time you literally start us in front of a chainsaw and made several custom models for weapons, and this -is- GTA. All I'm saying is maybe either remove this weird little thing or include an option for people who, like me, find it kind of strange and unnecessary.
  3. Oh, sorry. I couldn't find a list of removed features anywhere for some reason, and the Read Me in the files isn't updated to 0.2f. Any particular reason you guys removed it? Just curious. It is admittedly less useful now that you made the DeLoreans speed and turning a little less...accurate to the real life car, let's just say. Thanks for that bit, by the way, was a pain to get them up to 88 on the road before.
  4. Having a blast with the new update, despite all the bugs posted here, but I went to finally try out the DMC13 and found the garage door won't open for a conversion anymore. Did you guys take it out without telling anyone? I loved that car and it's neat teleportation circuits, it was my time machine of choice half the time because of how reliable it was. Did you take it out or just misplace a variable and make the conversion only available in 1985 ir some date you can;t get the DMC13 on accident?