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  1. Yes, but did not say this. I take of the landfill 6 refills of plutonium, anded ones i can't take it.
  2. But why i can't longer take the plutonium from the landfill after the first time?
  3. I can get the plutonium only the first time with this main.scm. But it can be an idea for the next updates, obtain the plutonium only in 1985.
  4. I can get the plutonium only the first time. But it can be an idea for the next updates, obtain the plutonium only in 1985.
  5. -When lighting strikes the tower the game crashes wherever i am. -When i insert the hook into Delorean in date 12 nov 1955 the game crashes.
  6. Woooow, you are fantastic. I tried to make time travel a delorean in mode RC then i traveled i on the same date but one minute before the other Delorean and at taking of that minute she appared, it was great.
  7. Too me. But where they create the DeLoreans, i can't exit from Hill Valley
  8. At the beginning we see a few cars from Vercetti's mansion then disappeared.
  9. Noooo, i have been busted and the traffic is gone .
  10. I did this: I actually fixed that bug as one of the last minute fixes, however the file was incorrectly included with the auto installer. Either use the manual installer - that version doesn't have the issue - or open the installer with an archiving tool such as 7-Zip and browse into the data folder. You'll find 2 files named objects.dat in there. Extract the larger one of the two into the data folder of the mod: That should fix it. Then i have reinstalled the mod and then i did this: Here is the correct file. Replace the existing objects.dat file in the data folder, with this one. You will then be able to push the delorean to 88 miles per hour (without crashing) object.dat. Now i have the traffic. I don't know why but for now it seems to have worked.
  11. I have added the file in the data folder but i still do not have traffic.
  12. Strangely, for some motive is appeared the traffic but when i went to menu and returned to play he crashed. It did more times then the traffic is disappeared and the game didn't crashed. But however the game crashes often in the other side of map where there is the gas station.
  13. To me it does il 99 even without refill Mr. Fusion so is the lighting that allows time travel.
  14. The noise of cars feels but not seen they. But cars can be seen from Vercelli's mansion when you go on the road disappear.
  15. Fantastic the steam coming out of the van when Delorean go out. But the steam not see after time travel if there is rain.
  16. Aah ok thanks, and then i'd also thought but i don't try. I'm stupid.
  17. Sorry , but i'm italian. When i enter into the van and i close, i go with the van with the Delorean inside and it goes out from it.