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  1. i would also like to start moving my 0.2e mods over to 0.2f i made in a previous thread like the sunshine autos gate and special delorian for travelling across water and various other mods if someone could pm me the VICESCM.ini file that would be great thanks.
  2. is this more stable than 0.2e?
  3. use a program that will make it an installer for you lol
  4. i still have a special place in my heart for vice city though it just has the edge for me as far as the feel and music goes.
  5. as in the default back to the future skins that was in 2e the not very good ones no offence. the marty, doc and biff ones..
  6. will it still be using the old back to the future skins?
  7. if 0.2f is released on that date or at all i will eat my own feet. it's just not gonna happen..
  8. just to let you know i went back through the other pages and updated some of the old code for anyone who wants to try it out
  9. ok the time has come after lots of testing and tweaking im finally ready to reveal my code for adding the special delorian to the garage and the code for making it into the delorian boat here it is enjoy.. the delorian boat has 2 methods of getting out of the water one is by pressing the horn as your getting close the the edge and your vehicle will jump out of the water i did this because there arnt many places you can drive straight out of the water, the other method is just that driving straight out of the water and thats it. i would appreciate someone giving this a go and seeing what they think and if your gonna post this or any of my stuff on another site please dont take the credit for my work thanks Special Delorian And Delorian Boat Stuff.rar here is the handling info but i would recommend testing the default settings before changing them just incase you prefer the normal handling. ADMIRAL 7000.0 2.00 4.90 1.60 0.00 0.00 -0.50 75 0.95 0.80 0.55 5 200.00 24.00 R P 10.00 0.53 0 30.00 1.80 0.19 0.20 0.02 35000 0.25 -0.10 0.50 0.40 0008102 0 1 MAFIA 7000.0 2.00 4.90 1.60 0.00 0.00 -0.50 75 0.95 0.80 0.55 5 200.00 24.00 R P 10.00 0.53 0 30.00 1.80 0.19 0.20 0.02 35000 0.25 -0.10 0.50 0.40 0008102 0 1 % CUPBOAT 0.700 0.600 0.400 5.000 0.300 -0.800 3.000 0.940 0.993 0.997 0.850 0.940 0.940 3.000 default.ide info. 174, sentxs, sentxs, car, MAFIA, SENTXS, null, ignore, 10, 6, 2ff0, 249, 0.72 175, admiral, admiral, car, ADMIRAL, ADMIRAL, null, ignore, 10, 6, 2ff0, 249, 0.72 223, jetmax, jetmax, boat, CUPBOAT, CUBJET, null, ignore, 10, 7, 2ff0, 249, 0.72 i recommend changing the names in the american.gxt file too if thats the one you use: change ADMIRAL to Delorean change SENTXS to Delorean Special change CUBJET to Delorean Special
  10. just started working on this again after getting a new pc so here is a little something for you. New Sunshine Autos Race Map.rar Custom air_carshow TXD.rar if you dont like the textures there easily replaced of course.
  11. I have a android sumvision cyclone voyager 7" tablet with custom firmware so I'd be happy to test this for you if you like just let me know thanks.
  12. didnt help sorry but i can tell you it wont load the game if you set "sandywater" to have no alpha