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  1. Gonna try building a Super Detailed Rogers Lego Locomotive

  2. Been busy in the past days

  3. That is my cloest match to the Rogers Locomotive, since I'm bad applying Decals what's another way to get the decals on the locomotive? Should I mod the light to match the Rogers one or that can stay on there? So what model of the Santa Fe Locos are the closet one to no 131 Roger locomotive? I could maybe see if Train & Hobby has one
  4. I was thinking to build and modify to make it to look like the Rogers Locomotive used to push the Deloeran up to speed. I know the wheel set it's 4-6-0 bit don't know what model train is the closest match I could use by with this wheel set and it should have the cow catcher as well as it came from the movie here's some thoughts I can say it's close by the Train & Hobby store has 4-6-2 Pacific w/ vandy tender UP don't think this is the one that looks like the Rogers Loco seen from the movie - I've looked on how this is but it's not the right train for this the wheels arrangement is more like 4-6-0 and my hobby store doesn't have anything with this arrangement. I won't go anything above HO which I would love to display this and go get a Deloearn diecast of this scale and maybe mod it to look like the Railroad version but I could just have the locomotive itself just in case I want to play with it.